5 Super Foods to Keep You Healthy in Winter

Date:26-12-2013 16:40:22 read:4

There are foods and then there are the super foods. Foods keep you alive and in reasonable health while super foods keep you healthy and fit. It is especially important to have super foods in the winter months when the viruses and the flu season is in full swing. These super foods come packed with vitamins, antioxidants and many more nutrients that help boost up your immunity and also help you fight the diseases and stay warm. Here are some super foods that you need to take during this winter to stay healthy.

1. Cinnamon

It is a spice that we use these days to spice our food or tea or other drinks. But Cinnamon is a powerhouse of a spice with its anti-oxidants, anti- microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains some essential oils in its bark and helps prevent the clumping of platelets in the blood.

2. Cabbage

Not only it is a great vegetable that warms you up during the winter months, cabbages also have vitamin b6, C, K fiber, manganese and omega three fatty acids. What actually makes this into a super food is its ability to fight off cancer in humans. The best thing about cabbages is that they can be eaten raw and can be cooked in so many different forms.

3. Dark Chocolate

It does not make you fat, is great or your skin and it helps prevent you from getting cardiovascular diseases. One does not need any more reasons to make this food one of the super foods.

4. Pecans

Warm roasted pecans are a staple of the winter months and the holiday season. And these nuts have the ability to lower the bad LDL cholesterol and up the HDL quotient in your body. It is one of those super foods that help you stay healthy during the winter.

5. Kale and other green leafy vegetables

Summer, winter or other months, kale and other green vegetables are always good for your health. They have fiber, vitamins, folic acid and numerous other ingredients that help you stay fit and ward off any infections or diseases that winter may bring.

Jump into what winter has to offer in terms of food. It may be little, but each and every food that winter had to offer comes loaded with nutrients to help you survive the winter months.

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