10 New Year Gift Ideas

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New Year is a day when we celebrate the ending of the past and the commencement of a new year. At this time, we often exchange gifts to show how much we care for each other. Ideal New Year gifts are those that symbolize welcoming a beginning or letting go of the past.Here is a list of some gifts that you can give on the new year day.

1. Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants, especially those that are green in color, make great New Year gifts. The color Green signifies hope and a new beginning. Ornamental plants add to the glamour of our homes and offices and have a calming effect on the surroundings. You can choose from ferns, roses, marigolds and Bonsai to gift your loved ones this New Year.

2. Fish Aquarium

An aquarium is a unique and a beautiful gift for an occasion like New Year. However, you must be sure that it contains aquarium essentials and a variety of fishes. You can choose from pairs of Gold fishes, Angel fishes, Anthias fishes, Damsel fishes, etc. Fishes require less maintenance than any other pet. They have a great rejuvenating feeling and add beauty to the space.

3. Bouquets

Bouquets are the ideal gifts for any and every occasion and it would not be a bad idea to send your loved ones your wishes in the form of a beautiful bouquet of ornamental flowers on the New Year day. A bouquet decorated with ribbons and bows and full of exquisite flowers is a visual treat. It could also contain fruits and chocolates with a personal messages attached.

4. Cakes

Cakes are an inseparable part of any celebration and New Year is no exception. Cakes make a very warm and elegant gift. You can place an order for a personalized New Year cake or simply bake it yourself.

5. Fireworks

Fireworks are both unconventional and exclusive. They are a symbol of celebration and New Year is incomplete without its share of fireworks. Eco-friendly fireworks are the ones raging in trend with a large variety to choose from. They can even form the shape of personal messages in the sky, which is surely something that will be liked by your loved ones.

6. A Personalized Calendar

This is the most obvious gift on an occasion like New Year. When it is the start of a new year, who wouldn’t require a new calendar? However, since it is a gift, make it special by getting a personalized calendar. You can make the gift special by using personal photos for each month and even highlighting important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

7. Perfumed Candles

Candles stand for hope and when you gift someone candles on New Year’s Day; it is a way of wishing them everlasting hope for the entire year. Gift your loved ones a box of perfumed candles. These are easily available in different colors and shapes and make amazing gifts for the New Year.

8. Homemade Cards

These make simple, yet very thoughtful gifts. Homemade cards are the kind of gifts that are valued more because of the effort put in to make them.homemade cards also make people realize how much you value them in your life. So this New Year, get your creativity out of the closet and roll your sleeves up to prepare personalized New Years cards all by yourself for your loved ones.

9. Clocks

Clocks are an inseparable part of our daily lives. Apart from the utility, they also come in different designs and shapes to choose from and add beauty to the decor. They are an ideal gift on an occasion like New Year. You can choose from a variety of clocks like countdown clocks, alarm clocks, grandfather clocks, digital clocks, cuckoo clocks etc.

10. Board Games

Board games can be a lot of fun and they also bring the members of a family closer to each other. Besides families, board games can be a lot of fun with friends and colleagues. Another good thing about board games is that they are enjoyed by all age groups. Some of the popular board games are monopoly, scrabble, chess, checkers etc.

These are some unique New Year’s Gift ideas that you could choose from to gift your loved ones. These gifts are easily available and sure to be loved by almost anyone. Wish you a very Happy New Year!

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