Christmas dinner leftover recipes by celebrity chefs

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Christmas dinner leftover recipes by celebrity chefs

Every celebrity chef worth his salt has a recipe for Christmas turkey leftovers. We round up the best

Remains of the day: the ends of the ham and potatoes tossed with lots of parsley can make a perfect post-Christmas meal  Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

The Christmas meal is over and, incredibly, you are starting to feel hungry again, even though a few hours earlier you had sworn to eat salad for the rest of your life and get fit in the New Year. When no one's looking, you pick at the turkey, pop in a cold sausage and slice off a corner of the smoked ham. But it's not quite satisfying enough. You want to experience the festive flavours in a whole new way, relive the turkey and revisit the roast potatoes. But how? To help you extend that Christmas feeling (and possibly your waistline), here's a round up of the very best leftover recipes, from some of our finest celebrity chefs and writers.

Claude Bosi's recipe for Christmas leftovers: turkey meatballs

Claude Bosi divulges his favourite post-Christmas recipe: turkey meatballs. There is always an overflow of turkey leftover at Christmas and this is a simple, quick alternative meat ball recipe which will effectively use up every last bit.

James Knight's recipe for Christmas leftovers: brussels sprouts with bacon and apple

James Knight divulges his favourite post-Christmas recipe: Brussels sprouts with bacon and apple. This is good with all cold white beast and bird, so ideal with any leftover meat - lightly spiced and cut through with cider vinegar and apple juice, this makes enough for approximately four.

Daniel Clifford's recipe for Christmas leftovers: cheese and ham scones

Daniel Clifford divulges his favourite post-Christmas recipe: cheese and ham scones. Cheese and ham are two iconic Christmas ingredients but when you have had enough of eating them on their own, this is a great way to use up the ingredients and a firm favorite of all of my five daughters.

Johnnie Mountain's recipe for Christmas leftovers: Monte Cristo sandwich

Johnnie Mountain divulges his favourite post-Christmas recipe: Monte Cristo sandwich. There is nothing quite like a gourmet sandwich, let alone a sandwich filled to the brim with delicious Christmas food – a perfect leftover dish, enjoy.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Christmas leftover recipes

The ends of the ham and potatoes tossed with lots of parsley can make a perfect post-Christmas meal.

Katriona MacGregor's five recipes for Christmas leftovers, including: Turkey and porcini risotto and Turkey Caesar salad

Don't waste the remains of your Christmas turkey on sandwiches - there's plenty of delicious meals which will show off your leftovers in style, says Katriona MacGregor.

Xanthe Clay's recipe for Christmas leftovers: Parsley, turkey and ham terrine

A delicious recipe from the Telegraph's chef, Xanthe Clay, who says: "Based on a French jambon persillé, this terrine is impressive but easy to make, and quite healthy, too. Perfect for after Christmas."

Xanthe has plenty more ideas for leftovers, including Christmess, roast parsley and stilton soup, green coconut curry and Christmas club sandwich.

Rose Prince's recipe for Christmas leftovers: Turkey soup with chestnut pistou

Rose Prince, Telegraph food columnist, writes: I confess to always having a chestnut surplus, having bought far too many. I am not mad about eating their kernels whole, but love their floury flesh mashed or puréed with vegetables, or in a version of 'pistou' sauce. And what to eat it with? It is already decided, without having to say "what shall we have for supper?" A beautiful rich brown broth of course, made from turkey, needless to say.

And don't forget Rose Prince's delicious Turkey and Tarrogon pie recipe

Telegraph reader recipes for Christmas turkey leftovers: Christmas brawn and turkey paté

Xanthe Clay sifts through the mail bag and comes up with two great recipes from readers. One is for brawn, a low fat terrine with chunks of moist meat suspended in richly flavoured jelly. The other is for turkey pate, seasoned with salt, pepper and a splash of sherry.

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