6 Things You Must Do at the End of the Year

Date:01-01-2014 11:41:00 read:1

You could have had a fantastic year or the past year would have been the worst year of your life. You just can’t wait enough for the year to get over, so you can expect something new or a change. Even though it is just another day like any other, most of us attach special significance to this day. But before we move on to making resolutions and making plans for the New Year, here are things that we must do as the year winds down.

1. Be Thankful

You should be thankful for whatever the past year had given you. It could have been a fruitful year or it could have been a year filled with a lot of problems. But you need to be thankful for whatever life threw at you and the lessons you learnt from it. You should also be thankful for the family you were blessed with and also the friends you have and the new friends that you made.

2. Reflect

It is also a sensible thing to reflect on the past year, both what you had done and what had been done to you. As you reflect on whatever had happened in your life, you would understand things a lot better and also know the things that you should not repeat and also the things that you should keep doing. Reflection always makes a better person out of you.

3. Meditate

Before you jump into the New Year in a high spirited way and headlong, you need to meditate and calm your mind. Meditation helps you to sort out things so you do not carry any of the ill feeling from the past year to the New Year. It is necessary that you let go of things that stress you or irritate you as you move into a New Year and this is best done at the end of the year.

4. Make a diary or a collage of whatever you had done the whole year

This may sound like a kiddish thing to do, but there are so many ways in which you can compile your life in the previous year. You can write down all the significant events, put all the pictures together, write in a diary all the things that you remember, people you have met etc.

5. Call people

Call people you know and the people you care for. Talk about things that happened the last year. Catch up if you can and have a great time with them. It is always good to catch up with people and doing it at the end of the year make it even more special.

6. Get hold of your to do list from the previous year

You may have made out a list of things you wanted to do the previous year. Get hold of it and see how many you can scratch off the list. If a lot remain in the list, make new plans and work with a new determination to finish them off the next year.

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