5 Unique New Year Resolutions You can Make

Date:01-01-2014 11:41:38 read:1

Browse the web and you can find more than 100 New Year resolutions you can make this year. But pause, these were the same last year and would be the same next year! Quit smoking, stop drinking, save money, exercise regularly, avoid junk foods…and the list goes on. Why don’t you try something unique or more realistic than these often repeated ideas? Check out 5 unique New Year resolutions you can try this year.

1. Learn 12 international dishes

Sounds interesting? Have you ever felt left out when your friends discuss about some dishes around the world that taste amazing? You might not have even heard about such a dish to join the conversation. Never mind, you too can join them next time or maybe stand a bit ahead by bringing the world on a single platter. Ensure you learn at least 1 dish from a country every month so by next December, you can impress everyone with 12 super dishes you learned in 2014. From the Brazilian ‘feijoada’ or the Filipino ‘lumpia’ to Indonesian ‘nasi goreng’ or South African ‘bobotie’, Italian ‘pasta bolognese’ or Israeli ‘falafel’, get ready to tickle the taste buds of your dear ones with cuisines from around the world.

2. Save for a great trip

In this short period we are allotted here on the Earth, wouldn’t it be interesting to be a globetrotter? Sigh; wish it would have been easier! Nevertheless, you can plan for at least one international trip the coming year. For that, chalk out the place(s) you want to visit and save a considerable amount every month. Maybe you could not make it next year, so consider it the coming year. Such a goal can definitely make you save the money and enjoy your dream.

3. Engage in some charity work

You are blessed with a good family, job, money, status, and some really good friends. But there are people who are denied most of these things. Just take some time to look around yourself and do some bit of help to others. Make the coming year precious by doing some charity work. Instead of spending much on your birthday or success parties, plan to spend special occasions with the less privileged ones. Those smiles will make you richer than any amount of wealth you possess. And when you look back a year later, you will be able to share the great joy charity work has provided you.

4. Try new hairstyles

How about trying new hairstyles every month next year? It can be fun and revitalizing. A change in your looks and your ability to carry it off smoothly can uplift your spirits. So, if in January, you appear in loose curls and a long fringe, try luxe curls in February. In March, go for the red hair and in April, you can try the vintage wavy style. With pixie in May and blonde curls in June, make your own style statement every month and move ahead confidently girl!

5. Pamper your parents

Another great way to make your year special is to make your parents happy. Gift them something they always wanted, agree to something that they wish from you or do something nice that would make them happy. Let the New Year bring you great bliss that comes in the form of parental happiness.

Indulge in something that you can definitely do and can make you and those around you happy. Let this New Year be momentous and special to you.

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