6 Reasons Grandparents are Great to Have

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Lesser number of children are spending enough time with their grandparents these days. But a child’s interaction with grandparents is known to have many benefits. Whether grandparents live together or they live in the same town, here are a few reasons that they are great to have around kids.

1. Grandparents can teach children values

It is easier for grandparents to teach their grandkids values, morals and ethics of life as compared to parents doing the same thing. Kids have an inherent penchant for their grandparents and they are likely to find them more approachable and believable. Also, the way in which grandparents have a knack of weaving a story around everything that they teach kids, makes it easier for them to grasp and learn.

2. Grandparents can give parents a helping hand

When both parents are working, it may be very difficult for them to juggle responsibilities of their home, kids and jobs. In such a scenario, grandparents can be a saving grace. If your parents or in-laws live in the same town, you can ask them to babysit your kids when you are busy or drop your kids off to their place when you and your husband need a weekend away. Grandparents can also help in getting their grandchildren to do schoolwork when parents are not around.

3. Grandparents can become moderators between parents and kids

When kids become a little older, they start having tussles and differences in opinions with their parents. Sometimes, it is important to involve a fresh and unbiased perspective, which can come only from grandparents. They can play the part of moderators and create a truce between parents and kids by listening to both sides of the stories. This is one of the reasons why grandparents are great to have not just for the grandkids, but also for the parents.

4. Grandparents can provide mentorship

Parents are usually not the people that kids seek mentorship from, mostly because they are always fighting with them. With all their experience and understanding, grandparents are the ones who can provide mentorship and emotional understanding to their grandchildren. From passing on family traditions to giving guidance and from teaching social skills to passing on life experiences, grandparents can provide a lot of mentorship to grandchildren.

5. Grandparents are a treasure of memories for the future

Grandparents may not be around for their grandkids for a very long time. There is only a limited period of time that your kids will be able to share with your parents. This period of time will give your kids rich memories to treasure for the future. When your kids grow older, they will fondly remember how their grandparents papered them and loved them. And this is an essential part of growing up.

6. Grandparents act like glue during a family crisis

Grandparents become assets for children when their parents are going through a financial crisis or an emotional crisis. This could include the loss of a job, death of one parent or divorce. Even if neither of these situations apply to you, getting your kids to bond with their grandparents is important, should you face something similar in the future. Grandparents act like shields for grandchildren in such situations.

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