5 Great Tips for a Successful Interview

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The word ‘interview’ makes most of us feel jittery. However, planning and preparing few days before the interview can leave you feeling much more confident than putting your act together at the last moment. Here are 5 great tips for a successful interview.

1. Make the first impression

Your first impression includes your body language, behavior and your dressing. Always remember to make eye contact and extend a firm handshake. It shows that you have a strong character and that you mean business. While being seated, you must remember not to slouch; crossing the legs sideward is a good sitting position for women. When it comes to your dressing, it is advised to plan out what you will be wearing for the interview well ahead. Keeping a backup is also a smart thing to do, in case something goes wrong on the day of the interview.

2. Research about the workplace

Gather any information you can find about the place you’re going for an interview. Research about the company policies, the new markets they are venturing into, and other things that matter to the industry. Nothing is more embarrassing and unimposing like not having knowledge about the company you want to work for.

3. Don’t beat around the bush

If you don’t know the answer to some question, then don’t waste your time as well as the panel members’. Simply admitting that you cannot produce an answer to the question is a better thing to do rather than mumbling and saying something wrong.

4. Be prepared for the key questions

If you are in an interview then you are expected to be asked certain questions like “Tell us why we should hire you”, “Why did you choose our company” or “Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses”. Being able to give impressive answers to these questions will definitely up your points.

5. Don a smile

Keeping a pleasant nature and a sense of humor during the interview can always help. Don’t hesitate to loosen up a little if the interviewer cracks a little joke or indulges in some small talk in the intervals. It will only help in making you calmer and relaxing the mood of the interview. A positive attitude and enthusiasm can be infectious.

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