6 Ways to Take Care of Rosacea

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Rosacea is becoming very common now a days and unfortunately there is no cure for it yet. But that does not mean it cannot be handled. A little care and correct diet will help a person stay away from further complications of rosacea. In some cases, rosacea it begins in the early 20s and once this condition occurs, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will then analyze the severity and give the correct treatment so that it does not worsen. Here are some ways to take care of rosacea.

1. Eat the right food

There are certain foods that can trigger rosacea like beer, alcohol, citrus fruits, tomatoes, cheese, avocados, eggplants, beans, and pods. When you consult your doctor or your dermatologist, find out what you must avoid to take care of your skin. Hot and spicy food also triggers rosacea and worsens it, so it is best to avoid such kind of food. Get used to eating healthy and simple food if you are suffering from rosacea.

2. Apply the right creams

Apart from what your prescription says, whenever you buy creams like night cream or a make-up cream, see that it does not contain menthol, eucalyptus oil, salicylic acid, clove oil, fragrance, witch hazel, and peppermint. These elements trigger rosacea. So, the best option is to ask your doctor before using any kind of cream on your skin.

3. Cleansing helps a lot

Rosacea-affected skin must be kept hydrated as it gets extremely dry. So washing it regularly helps to keep it hydrated and also free from any dust or grime. It is advisable to use light toners and mild soaps to cleanse. Your best bet would be to wash your skin with plain water many times a day. It is also important not to scrub the skin a lot. Even after washing your skin, you must dab on it with a soft towel.

4. Use a good sunscreen lotion

Sun light and heat affect a patient of rocasea a lot but that does not mean that you stay in the house all the time. It is important to cover your skin with a good amount of sunscreen so that it does not trigger rosacea and you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. One must select a sunscreen that has zinc oxide. This will help from the skin getting irritated and itchy.

5. Try the rosacea-friendly concealers and make-ups

There are many rosacea-friendly make-ups available in the market. Even your dermatologist will be able to recommend one for you. It is best to use yellow based make up rather than green base. There also are eye shadows and lipsticks that are rosacea-friendly. Find out which one is comfortable for you and apply that.

6. Use green tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Not only drinking it helps but applying it on rosacea affected areas gives great relief. Dab cotton into pre-soaked green tea in water and gently apply it on affected areas. It will lessen the inflammation and redness caused by heat of the sun or dryness. After applying it for quite some time, let the area dry and then apply a rosacea-friendly cream or lotion.

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