4 Safety Concerns With Nail Polish

Date:10-01-2014 08:40:20 read:1

If you love applying nail polish, then you must be aware of safety concerns. There are many toxic and harmful products that are available in your nail polish. If you are a nail art lover, then you need to be extra careful regarding the safety. Read on to know more.

1. Gel nail polish can leave your nails dry

Gel nail polish is a trend that has picked up over the years. But, is gel nail polish safe for application? Well, the answer is ‘no’. It might harm your nails to a good extent. It has been proved in a research, that application of gel nail polish not only leaves your nails dry but also brittle. So, whenever possible, try to avoid applying gel nail polish.

2. Formaldehyde found in nail polish can lead to fragility

If you get fascinated by different colored nail polishes, then be aware of the ingredients. Formaldehyde is an ingredient that is used in most nail polishes. Though, the ingredient is used as a hardener, it has some harmful effects. The ingredient can cause fragility and dryness.

3. Toluene content in nail polish can cause damage

Toluene is another toxic ingredient found in most nail polishes, is also a cause for concern. This ingredient might cause considerable damage to the nervous system. It may cause birth defects in children, so this can be harmful for pregnant women as well. It may also cause damage to the nails by making them pale and brittle.

4. Nail polish removers can lead to dryness

Can nail polish remover be a topic of concern? The answer is ‘Yes’. There are many nail polish removers with harmful ingredients and solvents. The acetone found in nail polish removers, over a period of time, causes dryness and brittleness. Though, there are non solvent removers available, still they might also be harmful for the nails. The ideal choice would be choosing solvent free nail polish removers.

Safety concern with nail polish is surely a topic to think on. The only way out is to avoid harmful cosmetics. You may instead opt for natural products which are solvent and toxic free. Go natural. Stay beautiful!

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