5 Awesome Ways to Manage Time If You are a Working Mom

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From cooking to cleaning, taking care of the child to preparing lunch boxes for all, attending meetings at the kids’ school to helping kids with their homework, if you are a working mom, your life is super busy. Apart from all these chores, you have to focus on your professional commitments too! Take a deep breath and relax. There are some cool ways to manage your time effectively and resourcefully. Check out 5 awesome time management tips for working moms.

1. Plan well

Don’t trash this tip thinking you don’t have the time for planning and sticking to it. Believe it or not, accurate planning helps you finish your chores on time with minimal stress. You can make a list of high priority, medium priority and less priority tasks. This will help you finish your chores effectively and focus only on the ones important. During weekends, take up chores like cutting vegetables and storing it in airtight containers, ironing clothes, buying grocery and laundry work. You can plan for the week’s menu during the weekend, so that you don’t have to worry about what to cook daily.

2. Avoid postponing tasks

One thing you should never do is to postpone your daily tasks. Cleaning, washing or other activities that you do daily should be done without fail, or else it will add your stress the next day.

3. Be prepared a night before

Mornings are madness for a working mom as she has to run around like crazy for getting things done. It will be good if some of the things can be done the night before. Keeping the clothes for the next day ready, making kids do the homework, washing all utensils required for the next day are all chores you can finish early. Keep things which you often forget like keys, purses, or backpacks at the same place daily.

4. Involve your kids and husband

To lift some work off your shoulders, get your husband involved. Give him some duties like helping kids with the homework, preparing bed or helping you pack the lunch. Children can also be given some responsibilities like helping the younger siblings get ready, dressing up by themselves and packing their stuff on their own. It will only help them become smart and give them the initial lessons of responsibility.

5. Enjoy your chores

It will be highly stressful when you have to slog both at work and home. So, in order to relax and enjoy your work, play some cool music and groove to the beat. Make your child do the same, so that the entire experience becomes pleasant. This may sound ridiculous for some, but give it a try!

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