6 Funny New Year Resolutions You can Keep

Date:10-01-2014 11:40:20 read:3

It is always a good idea to start your new year on a cheerful note. Have you ever made some fun New Year resolutions? If this sounds crazy to you, then you must take a look at these resolutions. Resolve something for fun to start your year on a smiling note.

1. Spend a day watching movies

Have you ever spent an entire day watching movies? If you have not, then you got to do this. It is really funny. Spend at least a day in a month starting from this year. Watch four to five movies back to back. You will really feel good. This will help to relieve your stress as well. Isn’t that is a good idea?

2. Learn a new language

Do you find some foreign language interesting? Then why not learn it. There are many online coaching sites that will help you learn a new language. Learn any language you wish to. Next time answer someone in a different language and see a priceless expression on that person’s face. This is a fun thing to do and must be in your New Year’s wish list.

3. Make a funny friend

Humor does play an important part in life. Make a funny friend to have some amazing time this year. Make a friend who cracks silly jokes and keep you in splits. This will also keep you healthy, because smiling and laughing are essentials of a good life.

4. Remove friends who ‘tag’ you

This is not to offend your friends, but to warn them. Go ahead and remove all your Facebook friends who keep on tagging you without any reason. If you get irritated by your tag on random pictures, then rightfully go ahead and remove them. This would be a warning for them.

5. Stop clicking selfies

Self obsession in the form of clicking selfies every now and then took over last year. If you were part of the circle, break the chain in the new year. Do not click selfies without a purpose. Casual pictures can be fun. Resolve that you will take casual pictures of your family, friends and nature. This can be fun, do it and see for once.

6. Stop using overused terms

‘Laugh out loud’ is one of the most overused terms in the Internet lingo. Use something else instead of ‘Lol’. For instance, use a plain smiley instead of the regular ‘laugh out loud’ smiley. This can turn out to be interesting. Also, to go ahead in life, change is important. So make that change from this year. Make it funnier by using different expressions.

Go ahead and make some fun resolutions this year!

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