13 Bad Skin Care Habits You Must Stop Now

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When it comes to our skin, we do the best we can and keep hoping for the ideal results. However, if you are not fully aware of where you are going wrong, then it could really prove bad for your skin. We give you some skin care habits that are not good for you and need to be ditched.

1. Using the incorrect products

It is not just enough to put on products on your skin. You must also ensure that the product that you are going for is ideal for your skin type. Many of us make the mistake of taking each other’s suggestions and assuming that what works on one person will also work on the other. Know your skin type well and ask a dermatologist before sticking to a particular skin care product.

2. Not applying sunscreen on some areas

We agree that using a sunscreen is extremely important if you are serious about caring for your skin. However, it is not just enough to apply it on your face. There are many who do not find it necessary to apply the sunscreen on other areas of the body. You must understand that whichever part of your body is exposed to the sun, must be protected with the application of a good sunscreen. So, do not ignore your arms, fingers, neck, ears, shoulders, etc.

3. Using expired products

There are a number of people who do not take the expiration date of their skin care products too seriously. Well, this could prove to be a big blunder and your skin will curse you for it. Ditch the habit of using out-of-date products as soon as possible. Otherwise, such a practice could lead to a rash or skin infection.

4. Ignoring the neck and chest

For most of us, skin care ends at the jaw line. You must change this habit instantaneously. So, the next time you put on sunscreen, face cream, serum, exfoliating scrub, etc., make sure you extend it till your neck and chest.

5. Not taking moles seriously

Not getting your moles tested could turn out to be a big mistake. It is necessary to go for a mole screening at least once a year by taking help of a good dermatologist. While at home, you can have a self-examining routine every month. Follow your instinct and if you feel something’s not right, see your dermatologist as soon as possible.

6. Sharing your make-up

Sharing your make-up with someone is a big no-no. Not only could you end up spreading skin infections, someone else’s make-up products may not even suit your skin. Additionally, be extra careful when it come to eye make-up and make sure you do not share that with anyone else.

7. Using dirty makeup brushes

You may think that it is OK to not clean your make-up brushes. Well, this habit could really prove harmful for your skin. Firstly, having a dirty make-up brush would hamper the proper application of the make-up. Secondly, you could end up with clogged pores. And thirdly, this could also lead to bad bacterial infections. It is necessary to clean your brushes once every three weeks. You could use a shampoo to do the trick, rinse, and leave the brushes over-night for them to dry.

8. Exfoliating excessively

Most of us believe that the more we exfoliate, the better it will be for the skin. Well, this is not entirely true. Yes, exfoliation is really good for the skin but if you go for rough cleansing or excessive exfoliation, it could in fact intensify the oil production. This would also lead to frequent breakouts owing to the spreading of the bacteria.

9. Not washing the face before you go to sleep

It is very important to clean your face before you hit the bed, or else you could have clogged pores and zits. Leaving the make-up on for the entire night is one of the biggest mistakes you could make when it comes to skin care. Also, even if you have not applied any make-up, it is good to clean the oil or dirt that must have piled up on your skin all through the day.

10. Neglecting the eyes

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin, so it needs special care. Unfortunately, when it comes to skin care, we usually neglect our eyes. In order to take care of your eyes, you must stop the habit of constantly rubbing them. It could cause dulling or darkening of the skin around the eyes. Also, be extremely careful about what products you choose when it comes to eye make-up. Finally, it would help if you apply an anti-aging eye cream around the eyes.

11. Popping your zits

Well, let’s face it, most of us love doing this and just can’t help but get tempted. However, what you are actually doing when you squeeze a pimple is simply pushing bacteria deeper into the pores. This in turn leads to infection, inflammation, and even permanent scarring. So, try to resist the urge and if the situation worsens, see your dermatologist.

12. Getting tanned

We all love to have that sun-kissed look and a stunning tan every now and then. However, spending so much time in direct sunlight can prove disastrous for your skin’s health. Spending too much time in direct sunlight could lead to premature aging and even lead to skin cancer. Also, ensure that you always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen (minimum SPF 30). You could try a bronzer or a self-tanner every now and then but make sure you do not use these products excessively.

13. Using excessive products

You may think that the more products you apply on your skin, the better. However, this is far away from the truth. The duplication of ingredients or applying ingredients that are simply not compatible could prove disastrous. Give your skin some breathing space and as far as possible, stick to natural products. It is always advisable to discuss your skin care product requirement with your dermatologist to ensure that you are not using more products than you need to.

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