5 Signs You’re Being Clingy

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No person likes if someone clings onto them all the time. It is true for both boys and girls. Yet, being a girl, you may not even realize that you’re being too clingy. While you maybe a great girl, your boyfriend may want to leave you only for this one habit of yours. Hence, it is always best to know for yourself if you’re being to clingy and back off while there is still time. So, if you’re not sure whether you have this annoying habit or not, check if any of the symptoms given below match with your behavior and you’ll have your answer.

1. You don’t give him any space

Every person, whether single or in a relationship, requires some personal space. If you do not give him that space, it is most definite that you’re being too clingy. Do you want to be with him at absolutely all times, and if he isn’t there in front of you, you either start calling him or texting him? Do you never allow him to go out with his friends or coworkers without taking you along? Do you get upset if you ever come to know that he had any kind of fun without you? These are signs that you are not giving him any personal space.

2. You have some meaningless fear

If you constant have a fear that your relationship may not work out or your boyfriend may leave you, although he never gave you any real reasons to feel that way, it could be another sign that you’re being clingy. Fear in relationships often lead to a person becoming over-possessive and that can be extremely annoying for any guy. Guys love to have confident girls and those who trust them by their side.

3. You spy on him

If you have the habit of secretly spying on your boyfriend, which could include you checking his e-mails or Facebook messages without his consent or maybe even following him around everywhere, it surely means that you are intruding in his private space, and that is basically the limits of being clingy. Apart from the fact that you could get arrested for this act, it is wise for you to drop this habit right away because it will only destroy your relationship.

4. Your life is all about him

While it is nice to make plans with your partner once in a while, if all your plans revolve around your partner, you are definitely being clingy and no guy would like it. A guy likes a girl who has individuality. You have to have a separate life of your own with your own plans. You cannot hope for anything positive in your relationship by fusing all your plans with his. It does not matter whether you are compromising from your end or not. Go ahead with your life and let him have a life of his own.

5. He’s the only one

After entering into the relationship, has it happened that you have lost touch with all your family and friends? Have you completely stopped going out with them, calling them? Do most of the other people in your life complain to you saying that you do not remember them anymore? It is all because you’re clinging too much to your boyfriend. Remember that while he may be the most important person in your life, there are other people too who make you who you are. So don’t lose out on everyone after one person. Your boyfriend won’t like it, the people you’re avoiding won’t like it, and one day, you yourself won’t like it.

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