8 Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

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A lot of women would love to look the same way in the evening as they did when they left the house in the morning. But it is not always possible. It is not always that makeup is your best friend and stays the same way you applied it in the morning. Walking, traffic, stress at work and sweating all cause makeup to disappear and if you either cry or sweat a lot you risk the chances of your mascara running down your face and creating quite the ghastly effect. You can invest in water proof make up to make it last all day or try some of the steps below to ensure that you look as fresh as you did in the morning.

1. Use a good cleanser

Before you apply makeup, make sure that you clean your face well. Choose a good cleanser depending on your skin type. Your cleanser works well when you get the right one for your skin type. A cleanser for oily skin will not work as good on a dry skin. Clean your face and wipe it well before you apply makeup.

2. Moisturize your skin

After you have cleaned your skin, dry it thoroughly and apply moisturizer to it. If your skin is oily, try and get a moisturizer than has a matte effect or finish so you do not end up looking all shiny.

3. Primer

If you want your make up to last all day, then you should invest in a real good primer. Not only that you should also take care in applying it. Apply it evenly throughout your face, especially on parts that are red or on blemishes that you want to cover up. A good primer keeps the shine off your face.

4. Eye primer

When you use an eye primer, it keeps the make up on for a long time and also prevents creasing. A good eye primer also makes the eye shadow colors look more vibrant and less translucent.

5. Water proof mascara

There are primers for eye lashes, but that will only make your eyelashes look shorter. The best option to make your mascara stay longer and prevent it from running is to pick water proof mascara. Just remember not to go sleep with it.

6. Use a good setting powder

Another trick to make your make up last through the day is to use a good setting powder. A drug store product works as good as a setting powder from an expensive brand.

7. Go for mineral powder over liquid foundation

A liquid foundation is not a great choice if you want your make up to stay on all day. A mineral powder on the other hand feels lighter on the face and also traps fewer bacteria letting your face breathe more easily.

8. Use a long wear lipstick

Buy a product that will stay on longer. The thing to remember when you use such products is that they also make your lips dry. Keep moisturizing your lips so they do not end up cracked after a few days.

You need to spend a little bit more time in the morning if you want your makeup to last the whole day. A little time spent in the morning would ensure that you do not go to the restroom to touch up on your make up through the day.

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