5 Reasons Why Eating Fruits Daily will Keep You Healthy

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We live in a fast paces world where we don’t really get much time to eat right. Even when we do get the time to eat, we are either too tired or too last to prepare a proper meal and stick to frozen foods or microwavable foods. These foods are preserved and processed for a longer shelf life and can cause some serious health problems for everyone of taken for a long time. It is always good to make your food fresh, but when you cannot afford the time to do it, the next best option and the best food that you can eat are fruits. Seasonal fruits are best as you know they have not been in storage for long and that they are fresh. Here are some reasons as to why eating fruits every day will keep you healthy.

1. Fruits have a lot of water in them

There are a lot of fruits like watermelon that has a lot of water content in them. Water is an essential need for the body and if you are not drinking enough water, you can always make up for it by eating these fruits. The best thing about watermelon is that you can have it anytime of the day.

2. Fruits have a lot of antioxidants

Fruits also come with a lot of antioxidants in them that make them a great health food. Berries, apples and plums are some of the fruits that are rich in antioxidants and they are absolutely wonderful for your skin, eyes and general health.

3. Fruits have a lot of fiber in them

Fiber in your diet is very essential as it helps in easy and quick digestion. Fiber also helps in weight loss as it makes you feel full faster and longer that you would not be eating other stuff in between.

4. Fruits have a lot of minerals and vitamins in them

Almost all vitamins and minerals can be found in fruits. Fruits like guava contain a lot of potassium and are a great fruit to have if you are a diabetic. Bananas are also a great health food as they are nutrient rich and also give you instant energy boost.

5. Fruits are light to eat

You can never feel stuffed or heavy with fruits. Unless you overdose on them which is very rare, fruits are a great way to keep your body healthy. They are light, digest easily and make you feel fresh and your stomach lighter.

The best thing about fruits is that they can be included in nay meal of the day. You can have them with your cereal in the morning or have a fresh fruit juice, put them in salads for lunch and dinner or just have small pieces of fruits as snacks through the day. They make great toppings for desserts, ingredients in a lot of dishes and there is no limit to the number of tasty juices you can make out of fruits.

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