5 New Year Resolutions You can Actually Keep

Date:15-01-2014 11:41:10 read:1

It’s a fresh New Year and along with it comes new hopes and new beginnings. When we put that old calendar in the bin and place a new one, we simply look forward to everything new. We take resolutions not one but many, though most of them get derailed in reality. So, instead of making false promises to yourselves, stick to something that you can actually commit to. Here are 5 New Year resolutions that you can actually keep.

1. Visit a new place

One of the most common resolutions people take is to “travel more.” Now, when it comes to reality, you feel the pinch. Transportation, accommodation and food charges bog you down when it becomes a monthly practice. Instead, decide to visit a new place. This can be an international trip also. Focus your expectations only on this one trip and plan it in advance. This way, you can enjoy the trip and be happy that you have fulfilled your resolution without spending a huge sum.

2. Plan for something after 6 months

Sounds crazy? Check out how it will turn interesting. Take a resolution that after six months you are going to do something interesting. Prepare yourself for that and just wait. This whole waiting period is going to be exciting in the anticipation of the interesting activity you are going to enjoy ahead. For instance, you can plan for climbing one of the world’s Seven Summits, go heli-skiing or be part of the Oktoberfest, enjoy skydiving or attend a dance tango in Argentina!

3. Make a list of people who are close to you

This is one resolution you can take and fulfill without fail. Make a list of people who mean a lot to you, who have helped you and have been with you through your thick and thin. Think about ways to pay them back. Occasional visit to their places, organizing a surprise party for them, sending them a surprise gift or treating them with great food can be some ways to show your love to them. They might not expect anything from you, but still, you might just feel good in sharing your happiness with them.

4. Join a new course

Another most common resolution is ‘getting a better job’. While getting a job is not an easy thing, what you can always try for is to add an extra edge to your resume. Join a course at a local community college or university and enjoy the learning experience. Learning new computer skills or new languages can only make your job search easy. This will also make you feel like you are working towards achieving something.

5. Buy a pet dog

Do not take resolutions like, “will join gym to lose weight,” unless you will do it for sure. If not, you will end up paying the gym fees and slowly slouch back. One better option is to buy a pet dog. Your dog needs a daily walk and you will be forced to take it out daily. The bonus here is apart from enjoying the love and warmth of your dog, you can also lose some weight, without actually doing something for it!

In short, plan for resolutions that are practical and you can stick to. Also, take resolutions only if the urge for a change comes for within and not because someone else wants you to change.

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