5 Ways How Positive Affirmations can Work for You

Date:17-01-2014 08:20:19 read:2

We all love a pat on our backs or a ‘go ahead’ signal from our friends, family or at the workplace, when in distress. Positive affirmations, whether you receive it from other people or instill them yourself, can go a long way in boosting your morale and definitely shows a holistic improvement. Here are 5 ways how positive affirmations can work for you.

1. When in anger

Managing anger is one of the most difficult things to do. It takes time and patience, with yourself and with others. Repeating positive affirmations to yourself in your mind or aloud can be effective. Say things like “I am focused and relaxed and know how to control myself” or, “I am completely capable of communicating and negotiating with people without harming them”. It will be difficult initially, but nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

2. At the workplace

It is especially important for you to have positive affirmations in an environment where people are constantly trying to pull you down. The constant deadline pressures and challenges can take a toll on you. But once you relax your mind with positive affirmations, things will seem to be a lot easier than you were finding them to be when your mind was in a chaotic state. “There is nothing that is not do-able” or, “I can finish all the work, I just need to manage my time well”, repeating these affirmations can really help in not losing your nerve at the workplace.

3. When you feel anxious or panicky

Positive affirmations can help a great deal in panicky situations. Be it before a presentation or a speech you need to give, or misplacing your car keys, infusing yourself with positive affirmations and exhaling out the negativity allows you to function properly in nervous situations. When you are in situations (that are not really dangerous) but you feel threatened by them and are unable to control your anxiety, then repeat things like “I can overcome all fears because I’m courageous” or, “I’m safe and no matter what happens I’ll get through it”, creates a safety bubble in your mind.

4. When you feel defeated

When life knocks you down, it’s more about getting up mentally than physically. In depressive situations, it is your mind that affects your physical health and well-being. Therefore conditioning your mind with positive affirmations is essential to keep yourself strong.

5. In a financial crisis

Reaffirm yourself with things like “All is not lost, I am creative enough to find other outlets” or, “Money does not weigh my worth”. Repeating these kinds of things can really help you to overcome your problems. They will charge you enough to begin your life anew and raise your financial worth.

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