8 Fun Things to Do When You Feel Sleepy at Work

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Sleepy at work, dozing off for a few seconds and trying hard to keep eyes open. Sounds familiar? Well, all of us have such bad days. But imagine your embarrassment when you are caught by your coworker or worse still, your boss! So, here are some fun things to do when you feel sleepy at work.

1. Switch over to Facebook

It’s almost impossible to sleep while you are on Facebook especially when you have gossip to read or when a friend or coworker has changed his or her relationship status. Some new and naughty pictures of someone on your friends’ list are also worth a watch when you feel sleepy at work. But make sure you are not at it for too long because embarrassment can settle in from a different angle.

2. Talk to a handsome coworker

All of us have one or more handsome coworkers at work. So, is there someone at work who is drop dead gorgeous? Catch up with him for a few minutes and watch your sleep take a nose dive. But make sure you don’t get stuck there for too long. A distraction is always welcome but a habit can make a monster out of you. Anyways, playing hard-to-get is always the best thing for a woman.

3. Grab a chocolate

Get out and grab a chocolate; a small one at that. Bite into it and sleep will take a hop, skip and jump out of you. Again, a little indulgence drives away sleep and a lot welcomes pounds.

4. Gossip a bit

The term gossip by itself sounds racy and appealing. So, if you want to bid goodbye to sleep while at work, catch up some celebrity gossip or better still, workplace gossip. But don’t get an overdose of gossip, lest you end up with sleepless nights.

5. Jump

If you have some place to go for some privacy, do it. Jumping jacks help you lose calories and also get rid off sleep. So, that’s double advantage in your kitty.

6. Go for a walk

Get walking when you feel sleepy at work. Walk briskly until you find a distraction that can keep you awake for the next few hours or for the rest of the day at work. Again, lose weight the natural and healthy way.

7. Think of things to do

This may be a sure shot way of getting rid of sleep but also has the ability to scare you. So, this comes with a statutory warning (!). Simply, think of things that are on your to-do list. Regardless of whether you complete them or not, the thought is bound to hit you hard so much that your eyes don’t droop again.

8. Play a quick game

Either online or offline, playing a quick game can kick in some excitement and make you feel happy. Don’t take too much time on it and become a distraction for others.

These are 8 sure shot ways in which you can say goodbye to sleep while at work.

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