8 Ways to Surprise Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Date:23-01-2014 15:40:19 read:2

Flowers and vines are blossoming all over. So think of some unique ways to woo your special one’s heart. Bored of the customary chocolates, cards and gifts on this Valentine’s? Here are some small yet sweet ways of letting your love bloom into a strong and beautiful relationship. Surprise your loved one on Valentine’s day with one of these tips.

1. Watch the morning sun rise to its glory

Wake up before the sun does. Pull your partner out of bed, drive out to the beach and watch the sun slowly rise higher in the sky! Hold hands and enjoy the warmth that spreads through your hearts.

2. Cuddle up to him and let him know how special he is

A small caress, a light kiss and a tight hug can say a lot. Expressing your feelings no matter what and no matter how often truly helps in strengthening a relationship. Snuggle up to your special one, kiss him with all your heart and let him know how vital a part he is of your life.

3. Light fragrant candles and play his favorite music in the entire house

Totally inexpensive yet extremely romantic! Light little scented candles that you easily get in gift shops these days and place them all over your house; in every corner and on every surface that you can find. Play the songs he loves softly in the background and add that sensuous touch to your Valentine’s day.

4. Go on a long late night walk together

The quietness of the dark, cool night is absolutely calming. Without giving prior notice, take your partner on a long walk in the pleasant night and talk about all the small things that have made your relationship stronger over the years. Walk down the memory lane!

5. Plan a quiet getaway to a secluded place

Wish you could be alone together for a complete day? So why not plan a unique outing with the one you love. A place cut off from all the hustle-bustle of the city, where the phone can’t disturb you with its constant pings and where the two of you are ensconced in the lap of nature.

6. Arrange a mini treasure hunt in your home itself

Presenting your significant one with a gift-wrapped box on bent knees is so very staid. Think out-of-the-box this Valentine’s. Buy something special but make it a little difficult for your loved one to set hands on it. Create suspense around it. Arrange a mini search mission for the gift by placing small clues guiding the one you love to the gift.

7. Set the mood

What is a Valentine’s day without open flirting and champagne? Don the sexiest dress in your wardrobe with classy makeup and make sure that there are bottles of champagne chilling in buckets of ice on your dinner table. Set the mood right for a sensual night.

8. Gift a hamper of joyous memories

You can easily collect all the photos taken together since the start of your relationship to this day. Add to them tokens of love exchanged over the period and make a beautiful hamper with a red ribbon tied to it. A gift replete with such fond memories can convey a host of feelings. Wouldn’t this be the most ideal and romantic surprise gift you can give your Valentine?

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