3 Tips on When Should Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup

Date:24-01-2014 08:40:18 read:5

A lot of girls start experimenting with makeup even when they are toddlers. You would have gone through your mom’s stuff when you were little and your daughter would have done the same thing when she was a kid. When daughters grow up and ask your permission to wear makeup or start wearing makeup without really waiting for you to be cool with it, you are faced with a dilemma of whether you should let her wear makeup or tell her not to do it. She would want to wear makeup in her teen years and you would be forced to say yes as you will already be dealing with her hormones and do not want to make your relationship difficult than it is already. Your girl wanting to wear makeup is her way of letting you know that she wants to grow up fast and that she is no longer your baby. You never know when the time is right to start letting her wear makeup. Here are a few tips on when she can start wearing makeup.

1. When she is in senior high

She may consider it too late to start wearing makeup, but it is your responsibility to let her understand that she cannot get back her childhood back and that she should enjoy being a kid as long as she can. You should also let her know that wearing makeup will not only make her look older than her years but will also get her unwanted attention from strangers which can get really dangerous at times.

2. When she is out with you

If your daughter really wants to wear makeup, you can lay down some rules and one of them can be that she would be allowed makeup when she goes out with you. Not only will her makeup be subdues when she is out with you, but you can also keep an eye on the kind of attention her makeup is getting.

3. When she is old enough to handle the attention

This can be a pretty difficult thing to gauge as you never know how mature your daughter has really become when it comes to getting attention from the opposite sex. You can maybe let her try it on for a while and check if it is bringing on any behavioral changes. If it does, then you should ask her to stop putting it on.

It is really a difficult rite of passage that every teenager has to go through life. It is also a difficult time as a parent. You do not ever want your daughter to grow up and you will be your happiest if your daughter was always the innocent kid. But kids grow up and knowing your daughter better than anyone else you should know when the right time to let her start wearing makeup is. There are really no set rules or the right age to start wearing makeup. However, you can earn some brownie points by buying her good makeup.

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