6 Wonderful Benefits of Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is something that is found in citrus fruits and some other foods too and is something that has a lot of health benefits. You do not really have to chug down glasses of orange and lemon juices to get its benefits, but can try a lot of other foods too to get a daily dosage. We have always been asked to get a good dose of Vitamin C as soon as we see symptoms of getting a cold or a cough either through tablets or through food and scientists have found that that this is not the only health benefit of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body in a lot of other ways and here are some other wonderful benefits of Vitamin C.

1. Brings down the risk of heart attack

Atherosclerosis is a condition where the arteries get thick and stiff because of plaque build-up. Vitamin C helps reduce the thickening of arteries and this frees up the blood flow to your heart and other vital organs including the brain. When the blood flows freely, there are less chances of you getting a heart attack or a stroke.

2. Helps in controlling your blood pressure

High blood pressure can be really dangerous and many a times causes sudden death in a lot of people. Having a regular dose of vitamin C is found to reduce the blood pressure and preventing damage to the heart, kidneys and other organs in your body. A good dose of Vitamin C is also found to help prevent early birth in pregnant women with a history of high blood pressure.

3. Helps bring down asthma troubles

Studies have shown that people suffering from asthma usually have less amounts of Vitamin C in their body. Having a good amount every day will reduce the breathlessness caused by asthma set off by exercise and environmental triggers. The amount of medicine taken for asthma also comes down when you take lot of Vitamin C with your medication.

4. Helps fight cancer and lessen the effects of chemotherapy

It has been proven that Vitamin C helps fight cancer at any stage. Not only that, it helps reduce the nauseating effects of the many chemotherapy sessions. Vitamin C also helps fight the harmful bacteria found in the stomach. This bacteria causes gastritis cancer and Vitamin C helps fight them.

5. Reduces the risk of diabetes

The number of people suffering from diabetes is on the rise thanks to unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Vitamin C in the body helps lower blood sugar levels and also helps prevent the bad effects of diabetes in people who already have it. Swap your candies and other sweet delights with oranges and other vitamin C rich fruits to stay off diabetes.

6. It reduces the soreness you get after exercising

The sore feeling that you get after exercising a lot can also be lessened by taking Vitamin C. Vitamin C works by cutting down the production of free radicals and thus lessens the pain caused by exercise.

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