6 Fun Things to Do this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day comes once every year and you do not want to waste it doing the same mundane things every year. Although it is romantic, it is so easy and at the same time so boring to buy a card, a stuffed toy and some flowers. You should do something that is different and is fun so it makes you happy and also bring a spark to your relationship. Doing something that is not routine can also bring you two close in ways that you would not have imagined, so let your grey cells work overtime and do something fun. If you do not want to tax your brain too much, here are some fun things that you can do on Valentine’s Day.

1. Go for a hike

It is not a fun thing to do for a lot of people who are not into the physical nature of hiking, but regardless of your liking or disliking for it, this is something that you should try. It would be fun to plan the hike, get everything ready and also encourage each other when you get tired. You will also get to know about the endurance of the other and also test how much each of you can take from another under strained circumstances. Hiking could very well turn out to be a fun test to find out how much you two are compatible.

2. Make a pot

This requires some planning beforehand. You can make the actual pot on Valentine’s Day and gift it to your sweetheart, but take a few classes beforehand so you do not end up making an unrecognizable shape on the day. Enrolling in a class also will let you take him to the class and show him or make him do it. You can end up doing it together. Making a pot together would be such a romantic thing to do.

3. Prepare a picnic

You do not have to go far for a picnic. You can choose your local park and prepare an elaborate picnic complete with a basket, blanket and yummy things to eat. You can carry a book and read to each other too.

4. Knock yourself out

Take a day off from work on Valentine’s Day and start drinking the previous night and keep continuing through the day. Sometimes it is just fun to let loose and do what you want to do. If you do not drink, you can still take a day off and relax or just roll around in bed.

5. Have lots of sex

Express your love with a lust filled day. You can try out new costumes or new scenarios in bed and vow your man completely. This could be a fun thing to do for the two of you and It will definitely reignite the passion that you two have for each other.

6. Treasure hunt

Buy a lot of gifts and hide them in different parts of the town. Keep sending clues to your boyfriend on how to find them. Make sure that the gifts mean something and the places you hide have special significance to your relationship.

Have a fun filled romantic Valentine’s Day.

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