7 Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

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Fish is generally good for your health. They are a great source of protein and are also a food that has very less fat content but filled with nutrients. Eating fish is a great way to reduce weight or maintain your figure as it gives you all the nutrients without making you actually put on weight. If you do not like eating fish and yet want all the nutrients, you can try taking fish oil supplements with your regular diet. Fish oil supplements either in the form of oil or in the form of capsules or placebos is a great way to supplement your regular diet and also has many benefits. Here are some amazing benefits of fish oil supplements.

1. It helps protect you from air pollution

Fish oil supplements are a boon for you if you live in the city and have to endure polluted air on a daily basis. Recent tests conducted on men have proved that fish oil supplements have the ability to offer protection against the adverse cardiac and lipid effects caused by air pollution.

2. It reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis

Taking fish oil supplements every day reduces the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. It reduces the inflammation of the joints and cuts down the pain you feel in your knee and other areas.

3. Reduce premature ageing

With the environment, food and the constant stress a lot of us age prematurely. But this can be prevented if you take fish oil supplements or add salmon twice a week to your regular diet. Fish oil supplements have omega 3 fatty acids which are great for the skin and also have anti-ageing properties.

4. It improves the fat burning in your body

Fish oil supplements when combined with the right exercise improve your body’s ability to burn fat more easily. When done right these two can help you reduce weight in the right manner.

5. It helps boost brain power and memory

Fish oil supplements are also great in helping boost brain power and your memory skills. Recent studies have also shown that fish oil supplements helps a lot in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s.

6. Prevents muscle loss

Taking fish oil supplements is very helpful for patients undergoing treatment for cancer as there is a lot of muscle loss. It helps even when you are dieting as with fat, you also tend to lose out on muscle. Take fish oil supplements so you do not look all saggy when you lose weight.

7. Increase bone density

Taking fish oil supplements regularly also increases your bone density and gives you stronger bones well into your old age. Researchers have also found that fish oil supplements help increase the bone mineral density making them less brittle as you age.

Fish oil supplements are also great for your hair and your skin. They make your hair and skin to glow and also make them healthy. Your hair follicles also become stronger and you are let with very little hair fall.

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