5 Brilliant Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Date:27-01-2014 15:40:19 read:4

It is always nice to have one special day dedicated for love. Some may say we love every day that we do not need one specific day to celebrate it. But the truth is unless we have one day specifically for it, we tend to take it for granted and do not express it well. Now that there is a day and we are forced to do something we find ways to express our love. It is true that love cannot be bought but you can always buy something to make your love known and buying something that the other person loves is one way of showing your love. You can either let your love known in a very public manner or make it a very private affair between the two of you. Here are some brilliant ways by which you can show your love on Valentine’s Day.

1. Shout from the rooftop

That’s metaphorically speaking, but instead of climbing on to the roof and endangering your safety, you can just be loud in the way you express your love. You can opt for a little PDA in the park or in the mall and make the other person feel embarrassed and special at the same time.

2. Hold them down with flowers

Keep sending so many flowers that they actually run out of place to put them on Valentine’s Day. You can either have them delivered at one go or have them delivered every hour. The best thing to do would be to take them yourself and dazzle them.

3. Whisk your partner away to an exotic location

It just does not have to be the stuff of dreams or in the lives of celebrities that they are whisked away to an exotic location on Valentine’s Day. You can also do this on Valentine’s Day to show your special someone how much you love him or her.

4. Do something totally out of your character

You can do something that is so out of character for you. You can do something that your partner always wanted you to do and you never did. It can be as simple as wearing a different color, singing at the karaoke bar to changing your hairstyle.

5. Pen a poem exclusively for your special one

Write a poem and dedicate it to your special person. Show them that you care and love them and will treasure them forever.

There is no reason for you to go over the top or spend a lot of money to show your love. Sometimes even the smallest of gestures can mean a lot to the person you love and all you have to do to show your love is express it in the right way. A simple I love you said first thing in the morning on Valentine’s Day can also make them happier than what a bouquet of flowers will fail to achieve. It is a day to love and be loved. Make it count.

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