6 Tips to Make this Valentine’s Day Unforgettable for Him

Date:12-02-2014 15:41:53 read:1

The season of love is back, the time when you show your love for your boyfriend! Do you wish to make this Valentine’s special for him? Have you thought of some ways to make him feel special? Do you wish to get some creative ideas? Then, check out some tips to make this Valentine’s day unforgettable for him.

1. Try something new

Do something interesting for him. Let there be an element of surprise on the special day of love. Book a balloon ride or a helicopter ride. He will not expect this from you. When he will reach the place, he would really feel good. Go for a wine tasting session for fun. A little change can also make your day special.

2. Let the pictures speak

Do something special with pictures, something that might just make him feel extra special. Make his portrait with the help of any professional artist. Do write down the message of love in that portrait. Look at his priceless expression. You will surely make his day very special. Make a collage of his pictures with the help of picture apps. This would also bring a smile on his face.

3. Make him all nostalgic

If you have the time, then dedicate some time for planning a memory trip for him. Make special arrangements for a visit to his school or college. Or else, visit the places where he was raised as a child.

4. Compliment him all through the day

Make his day extra special by complimenting him over smallest of things on V-day. For instance, send him flowers with lovely compliments every two hours on Valentine’s Day. Small things can make a huge difference. Planning is important if you want him to feel special the whole day.

5. Buy him something which he wanted

If you know what he needs, then fulfill his wish. Buy him something which he wants. If you have the right budget, then buy him an expensive gift. A smartphone or a cool iPad may just fit the bill, as men can never get enough of technology.

6. Write him a song

Even if you are not good at writing, the power of words can still help you to express your love. Write your feelings in a notepad for him. Now, make a beautiful tune out of those words. Serenade him and sing a lovely song for him. You will make his day the most memorable one. After all, music is the best expression of love.

Anything you do for him would make him feel good. Your feelings and expressions will make his day unforgettable. Do not forget to kiss him on this special day of love.

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