4 Reasons Why You must not Gift a Pet for Valentine’s Day

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A pet is a wonderful idea for a gift. But there are conditions. You should know whom to gift a pet and what occasion it is. You can gift your boyfriend a pet if he loves animals and if he has enough time and resources to take care of one. But even if he qualifies for all conditions to be able to own a pet you would gift him, one occasion is definitely not for it – Valentine’s Day! This day is meant for the two of you and the two of you only. There should be no third person involved in the celebrations, even if they are children or pets. Valentine’s Day is meant for celebrating love exclusively between lovers. A pet is wonderful, but not so much that it will not allow you to celebrate this special day in all its glory. Listed here are the major 4 reasons why you must not gift a pet for Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s Day is just not the occasion

Valentine’s Day is meant for more intimate gifts like a perfume or a shirt, but not a pet because a pet will require emotional involvement which should be your exclusive right at least for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This is just not the occasion for gifting a pet irrespective of how much of animal lovers both of you are. It will surely hamper the day.

2. Love has to be shared

A pet cannot be kept away in the cupboard or drawer and used later. A pet is a living being to be loved and cared for, even if it is only a bird. You cannot just leave it at home and go out to celebrate. Neither will you be able to stay at home and enjoy nor can you, at the same time, invest time and energy for the new pet. Remember that a pet will share your guy’s love, which may be fine for you, but not on this day.

3. A pet will seek more attention

A pet needs attention, even if you give him a cat. The notion that a cat lives by itself is untrue because like dogs, even cats seek love and care. And if the pet is new, it will be more shy and require more attention from you and your guy to make it feel ‘at home’ and get accustomed to the new home you brought it into. So paying attention to each other on Valentine’s Day would go for a toss!

4. More time has to be given to a new pet

If the pet will need attention, undoubtedly it will also take up more time. You have to play with it, feed it, take it for a walk and then ensure it is happy and relaxed. All the time you had to yourselves for celebrating Valentine’s Day will be eaten into and you will just have to call it a day without even having the scope to sit together for a while.

There is a time and occasion for everything. Gifting a pet is a very nice idea, but Valentine’s Day is just not the day.

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