5 Ways to Spread Love on Valentine’s Day

Date:13-02-2014 11:40:48 read:2

Valentine’s Day is almost always taken as being synonymous to the day that is especially meant for passionate love between couples. However, don’t let that popular theory dissuade you from bringing in some love into your other relationships. Valentine’s is an occasion that envelops all kinds of love. Here are 5 ways to spread love on Valentine’s Day.

1. Begin with your mom

If your mom has been living alone since your dad passed away, then she definitely misses him on this day. Even if that isn’t the case, you can definitely make this day special for her. Surprising her at her place with a bunch of flowers and a nice gift for the house will definitely make her day. Even better, if you could bake a lovely heart-shaped cake for her. Moms don’t like us spending money on gifts for them anyway!

2. Send a friend flowers

If one of your friends recently got out of a relationship or is going through a heartbreak, then get a bouquet of flowers delivered at her place with a sweet handwritten note. This is sure to bring on a smile onto her face and some warmth into her heart.

3. Spread love at the workplace

Transform your monotonous, monochromatic office into a cheerful and dizzyingly pink and red one for this one single day. And, you have the perfect excuse! Distribute cute little cupcakes among your coworkers or hand out chocolates, cards or heart-shaped lollipops to everyone.

4. Spread love where it’s needed the most

Visiting the Single Moms’ Home, Old Age Homes or shelters for the homeless are some of the best places to spread some love. Take little gifts along with your books and old clothes that are still in a good condition, to give away at the center.

5. Spread love randomly

Also, try out some random ways to spread love. Leave sweet and funny notes in random public places where people will find them and be compelled to let out a giggle. Wish everyone you meet on the road a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Hand out chocolates or $1 notes to random kids on the street. Take a lonely and neglected friend to the movies and treat them afterwards. Most importantly, keep a smile on your face throughout the day!

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