9 Ways to Destress Your Life

Date:14-02-2014 09:20:18 read:1

Multitasking is a characteristic you all may be too familiar with. Juggling different roles of a mother, wife, daughter, friend, employee and sister is no menial task. It’s only natural for stress levels to soar high. But, in order to be at the top of all these duties, you have to find time to wash away the stress and tensions from your life, on a daily basis. Just follow these ways to destress your life.

1. Dance

You must have heard this song, ‘Put on your dancing shoes and dance away your blues’. It’s really amazing how shaking a leg can chase away your stress in no time at all. Tune in to your favorite dance numbers and dance till you are totally exhausted. You’ll surely feel fresh and content!

2. Cook

This is one of the simplest ways of freeing your body and mind from all tensions. Exploring your culinary skills and trying some new dish each day helps your mind relax greatly. Kneading dough is known to be an excellent stress buster. So, become the master chef of your home and reduce the stress in your life.

3. Read books

You have thrillers, sci-fi, comics, pure fiction and investigative books that divert your mind from your daily concerns for some time at least. Reading demands a lot of concentration so pick up any novel and engage your mind in the unfolding of its story.

4. Go jogging

Early morning jogs or even a late night walk helps reduce stress levels. Make sure you have loads of trees and grass for company! Trotting along releases healthy endorphin s and refreshes your mind. It’s always beneficial to leave behind yesterday’s worries and start anew the next day.

5. Indulge your sweet tooth

Stressed out? 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate does the trick ladies! Eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate, brings down your stress levels considerably. Pop a few pieces of that bitter choc smugly sitting in your fridge and calm your jingled nerves. For once, you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging yourself!

6. Switch off that cell phone now

You should be really smart to keep those smartphones aside for an entire day. Cell phones are widely known to raise your stress levels. Continuously talking on the phone or even texting throughout the day can increase your blood pressure and completely drain your mind of energy. So, chuck the phone.

7. Hang out with friends

A quiet get together or a fun night out, whichever your choice, stress will definitely fly out of the window, if you spend time with friends. Your best buddies will take your mind off your troubles. You can actually relax and unwind with a bunch of childhood besties.

8. Write it down

This is another simple way of releasing your stress. Writing about what you are going through, on an everyday basis will give a beautiful vent to your inner emotions. Share your inhibitions, fears, sorrows and joys with a tiny personal diary. Let it all out and feel much lighter than ever.

9. Knit

The rhythmic motions while knitting soothe anxiety and reduce stress to a large extent. Making jewelry, cross stitching or weaving wool will help channel your thoughts towards the little nuances that go into designing. In fact, any form of art or craft can de-stress you. Get going, knit a happier tomorrow!

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