5 Tips to Avoid Having a Premature Delivery

Date:14-02-2014 10:40:18 read:2

Pregnancy, safe delivery and a healthy baby is what every mother wishes for. So, it is vital for a pregnant woman to ensure that everything is alright and safe before delivery to avoid premature delivery. Here are 5 tips to avoid having a premature delivery.

1. Stop smoking

You have to completely quit smoking during your pregnancy. You also cannot be around others when they are smoking, as this will put you under the risk of pre-term labor and birth defects in your new born. Drugs and alcohol are a big no too. They cause severe harm to you and your baby’s health.

2. Avoid caffeine and spicy food

It is best to refrain from consuming caffeine as much as possible. It gives a jolt of energy to the mother as well as to the baby. This can cause the baby to be hyperactive inside the mother’s womb and might lead to premature delivery. Similarly, spicy food also must be avoided as it makes the baby jittery.

3. Avoid pain medications

Pain medications can also lead to premature delivery. If you are popping a pill for every headache or backache, it is time to stop doing that. Instead use ice packs, or go for a warm bath or just sleep it out if you wish to relieve your body from the stress of pregnancy.

4. Check for vaginal infections

Infections in the kidney, bladder or urinary tract or conditions like bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted diseases can cause preterm labor. It is therefore crucial that you get yourself examined and treated for these conditions as early as possible.

5. Avoid starving

Food and nutrition plays an important role in ensuring that both the mother and the child are healthy. You need not eat for two, but eat healthy and have small meals at regular intervals. Do not worry much about putting on baby weight. You can reduce it after having the baby. Avoid dieting or taking dieting supplements when pregnant.

While you cannot control all the risk factors that can lead to premature delivery, you can do your part to prevent the same. It is crucial that you know how to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Consult your doctor to be better informed.

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