8 Super Habits of Happy Families

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You don’t need to ‘find’ happiness, you need to ‘feel’ it. Family is the foundation of your entire being. Love and understanding are the forces pulling and keeping you together. In the hectic pace of life, it’s truly shocking how transient happiness can be. But here are some effective ways to replenish your family’s store of happy moments. Check out some super awesome habits of happy families.

1. Eat together

It’s believed that a family that eats together, stays together. However busy you are, make time to have at least one meal together. The dinner table serves as the best platform to know what’s happening in each others’ lives. You get habituated with the little worries as well as the little joys in your family’s life.

2. Respect one another

You may not look eye-to-eye on the opinions of every family member. That should not keep you from respecting them. Understand that every individual has his own perspective. Recognizing and respecting this will lay the foundations of a strong family bond.

3. Don’t give words to your anger

In a family, negative emotions should play no role. Feelings like anger, revenge, criticism all are like parasites that feed off your family’s happiness and peace. The moment one starts thinking more about “me” and not “we”, the journey to the disintegration of the family unit begins.

4. Don’t think of yourself as superior

It is your family not some office place where you need to show who’s the boss. Never think of yourself more important than other members. Respect is vital but demanding it will not help. You need to understand that every person has his own unique place in the family which no other person can fill.

5. Express your gratitude

Saying ‘thank you’ for what you have been blessed with, should be made a ritual in the family for all. Devise creative methods for your kids to express their gratitude towards all those who have helped them better their lives. A small note of thanks can make you feel happy from within.

6. Adjust to circumstances

Not always will your circumstances be the same. Today your hubby might be at the zenith of his career but who knows what’s in store for tomorrow? Learn to adapt yourself to the needs of your family and teach the others to do the same. Adjustments, compromises and sacrifices are what sweeten your family life.

7. Always stand by your family

No matter how worse a situation it might be, if you stand together as a unit, it cannot harm you. Failures are part of life. But, never break down because life is throwing, one difficult situation after the other, at you. Always remember, ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’

8. Listen and share

Give a keen ear to all your family members, be it your little kids, your husband or your elderly parents. Listen to what they have to say. It’s not necessary to agree on everything. Sit together and chat freely. Share your life’s experiences with your kids so that they can carry forward this tradition. See how all the tensions and troubles are drained out of your system instantly!

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