7 Totally Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Giving a truly and totally romantic gift to your loved one can be a little difficult if you had been staying together for quite a while. It is equally difficult if you had been dating only for a short while and this is your first Valentine’s Day as gifts can mean a lot of things. It can show the other person if you are committed, if you are being cheap or if you are being too shallow. The one thing that you will have to consider before gifting your loved one is the significance of the gift. Do not gift a ring. Although it is very romantic, there are chances that your partner will see it as a sign of you getting serious and may panic and run. To save you from breaking your head about getting a romantic gift, here are some ideas for totally romantic gifts to be given on Valentine’s Day.

1. Roses

Roses and red roses at that cannot be far away when Valentine’s Day is around. The number of roses can depend on the number of years, months or days you have been together. Since roses can get extremely expensive on Valentine’s Day it would make sense if you counted in weeks and not in days if you had been going out for only a short while.

2. Chocolates

Whether your partner watches his or weight, chocolates always make a lovely romantic gift. You can eat them and also do a lot of naughty things with chocolate and they will never lose their allure. Chocolate is also a great aphrodisiac. Gift a box or boxes of some of the best chocolates you can lay your hands on.

3. An album with your best photographs

You can compile an album with the best photographs that you have. The album can even tell your love story when it has the important places that you two met.

4. A special calendar with your special dates

You can even make a picture calendar with the dates that you had gone on. Special dated that meant a lot or brought you more closer can have more importance.

5. A trip to a place you two met

You can also plan a trip to the place you two met first. That would truly be romantic as you reminisce on the day and think back on the awkwardness and the raw feeling you had for each other.

6. A trip to Paris

If you are feeling completely loved up and do not have to worry about your finances, then you can whisk your loved one to Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Show your love in some of the most romantic settings in the world. It may sound a little cheesy, but the cheesy factor is something that will never fail to work its magic.

7. A handwritten love note

Go the old fashioned way and gift your loved one a hand written note expressing your love.

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