Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day! To make your day more special and full of love, we bring you few more Valentine’s Day specific articles. Read and enjoy these love struck articles.

1. 5 Tips on How to Propose on Valentine’s Day
Can anything beat proposing on Valentine’s Day? True. It might seem cheesy to some. Some cynics may even call it a disgusting thing to do. Whatever people say, there remains a certain allure to proposing to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Every year Valentine’s Day will hold an added significance for you and you can also take pride in the fact that the world celebrates along with you the day of your proposal. There are different ways you can propose. You can make it pretty elaborate, you can surprise your lover or you can make it quite simple by taking your lover to a place that is emotionally significant for the two of you. Here are some tips on how to propose on Valentine’s Day.

2. 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home
In the rush to make your Valentine’s Day special, you need not shortlist exotic places and waste your money. Be a little creative and spend the day of love at your home. After all, more than the cherries and flowers, it’s all about spending quality time with your beloved. Here are 5 ways to celebrate the special day at home.

3. 8 Things You must Promise Your Love on Valentine’s Day
The most romantic day of the year is here and apart from showing your love for your partner on Valentine’s Day, you will also have to make a few sound promises. |Sometimes love can be just physical or it can be shallow that there is no real feeling between two people. Love is much more than looks and sex and spending time together. Love is all about making promises to each other and keeping those promises at all times, no matter how difficult the circumstances get. What better day than Valentine’s Day to promise your loved one the things that they want the most out of the relationship? Here is a list of things that you must promise your love on Valentine’s Day.

4. 11 All Time Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas
It is the month of love and there is romance everywhere in the air, also within you. It is a month that brings out the love in you and makes you feel cherished, loved and overwhelmed. If you are looking at ideas to make the month and the day very special, look no further. Here are some all time romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to ring in the buzz.

5. 15 Movies to Watch this Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is a day when you should cuddle together and spend some quality time with each other. So why not watch the best of love stories that Hollywood has to offer to make your Valentine’s Day truly memorable? Read ahead to choose from this list of timeless love stories.

6. 5 Ways to Spread Love on Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is almost always taken as being synonymous to the day that is especially meant for passionate love between couples. However, don’t let that popular theory dissuade you from bringing in some love into your other relationships. Valentine’s is an occasion that envelops all kinds of love. Here are 5 ways to spread love on Valentine’s Day.

7. 5 Tips on How to Confess Your Love this Valentine’s Day
You really like someone but are nervous about expressing your feelings to the person, aren’t you? At the same time, you cannot stay without letting him know about how you feel. Ever faced such situation? Remember that, if you wish to confess your love in a proper manner, it is best to plan well. Here are 5 tips on how to confess your love this Valentine’s day.

8. 9 Reasons Why Valentines Day is So Special
For the ultimate love birds, here are some sweet reasons you should make real efforts to make Valentine’s Day special. And for those out there, who don’t have a sweetheart and wish this day would just end, just spare a few minutes and read this post. Who knows you might change your opinion about this ‘dreadful’ day.

9. 5 Things to Melt Your Partner’s Heart on Valentine’s Day
Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day and you try to do your best to make your partner’s heart melt on that day. You think Valentine’s Day and the immediate picture that pops into your head are the flowers, cards, gifts and chocolates. It is what you do with these things and how you go about making them feel special counts. Instead of making it a routine affair by doing what everyone else does, you can do something different and make your partner’s heart melt on Valentine’s Day. Here are some things you can give and do to make your partner’s heart melt on Valentine’s Day.

10. 8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband
It’s that time of the year again when reds and pinks blossom everywhere, happy faces glowing in love and lovely gifts that make a treasure. Some expect to begin their journey and some others enjoy the romance in a full-fledged relationship. So if you have a wonderful husband and want him to know that you love him in more ways than one, here are some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to show him what you feel.

11. 8 Valentine’s Day Accessories to Wear
Valentine’s Day is celebrated world over and marked as a special day amongst people who are truly, madly and deeply in love. Women are innately romantic and the feeling can be easily instilled in men with genuine love and affection. If you want to go all out and express that you are in love with the most beautiful soul in the world, you can do so with the way you dress and accessorize. Listed here are some accessories to wear on Valentine’s Day.

12. 20 Funny Valentines Day Quotes
Are you bored of coming up with cute love poems and quotes on Valentine’s Day every year? Do you want a quirky way to wish your partner? Then find them right here with these funny Valentine Day quotes.

13. 5 Tips on How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Friends
One of the few things that remain a constant through your life even under difficult and stressful times is your friendship. Your friends are the ones you can go to at any time, no matter how silly or small your problems are. And if it is your best friend you can count on him or her to be there for you no matter what. If you are single or if you are even seeing someone, it is important that you take time for your friends on Valentine’s Day as they have been with you during all times and it only makes sense that you celebrate your love for them. It is fun if all your friends are single too, as the party can get real rowdy and super fun with all the dirty talk about the ex’s and all the pseudo planning about making them suffer. Here are some tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends.

14. 10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend
What better day than Valentine’s Day to confess or reiterate your love for your boyfriend. While words will do the trick, going an extra mile with a precious gift seals your love forever. A gift does not just make the receiver feel happy at the moment but also every time he uses it, sees it or feels it. It is a tangible sign of love. So, here are some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend.

15. 25 Romantic Quotes for Valentine’s Day
Nothing sounds more romantic or beautiful than the monogamy of words. This holds true for every couple worldwide. Words have the power to express your innermost feelings to your beloved. They expose you in front of the only one you ever wish for. To pour out your heart’s feelings is not astrology. You don’t have to predict anything, it’s right there in your heart. So come along and read these fantastic romantic quotes for Valentine’s Day.

16. 7 Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples
What is the idea of a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day? It is to do with the two of you – feelings and wonderful memories. Wish to make your Valentine’s day a special one? Choose to do something that you haven’t done before. Listed below are some cute ideas, read on.

17. 20 Valentine’s Day Quotes to Spread Love
With Valentine’s Day here, everyone is in the mood for love. But what about spreading some love? So here are 20 Valentine’s Day quotes to spread love.

18. 5 Tips to Look Hot for Your Valentine Date
You always love to look hot for your partner. But, on Valentine’s Day, haven’t you wished to look extra gorgeous, so that he cannot take away his eyes from you? Instead of spending days trying to figure out how to look hot for your Valentine’s Day date, learn about 5 tips that can help to impress your partner.

19. 6 Interesting Valentine’s Day Facts from Around the World
Valentine’s Day known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated across the world on the 14th of February every year. Although it is celebrated all over the world, it is not treated as a holiday and people go to work like it is any other normal working day. Most people celebrate the day by giving flowers, chocolates, exchanging cards and love notes. People also celebrate their love for each other by professing their undying love for the other person. A new tradition is to come up with new colors for every year, although this is restricted to only a few countries. The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is not only the romantic love between two lovers that is celebrated but the love between parents and their kids and also between siblings. Here are some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day from around the world.

20. 8 Ways to Surprise Your Love on Valentine’s Day
Flowers and vines are blossoming all over. So think of some unique ways to woo your special one’s heart. Bored of the customary chocolates, cards and gifts on this Valentine’s? Here are some small yet sweet ways of letting your love bloom into a strong and beautiful relationship. Surprise your loved one on Valentine’s day with one of these tips.

21. 5 Very Interesting Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World
Just like every other holiday or an important day, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in different ways around the world. It would be surprising to know that there are still countries and people who either do not know about the Valentine’s Day celebrations or do not celebrate it. Equally shocking are news about countries that ban celebrations on Valentine’s Day because it is considered an immoral thing to do. It is always however interesting to know how other people celebrate it and if there is any similarity or if the celebrations are completely different from ours. Here are some very interesting Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.

22. 6 Hot Ideas to Make This Valentine’s Extra Special for Him
Are you all geared up for the love season ahead? Wish to make this Valentine special for him? What are your plans? Have you thought about some ways to surprise him for the occasion? Why don’t you try something different and make your date extra special for him. Read on to know more.

23. 5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Boyfriend
Have you begun thinking how to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend? Gifts, surprises, vacations, treats or other romantic ideas may top your list. However, planning a Valentine’s Day does not have to be very expensive or involve a lot of effort. Instead, careful planning and paying attention to details is all you need to show him just how much he means to you. V-Day is an excellent opportunity to remind each other of the wonderful love and togetherness that you share. It is a good day to do something different, and make it special for your beloved. Here are some tips.

24. 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Love this Valentine’s Day
We have been told and sold a lot of things on and about Valentine’s Day. Not all of it is bad though. After all Valentine’s Day is about sharing and expressing your love. Love is not such a bad thing. You just have to make sure you are not in love because you are expected to and fall in love only when you feel real emotions. Instead of doing shallow things on valentine’s Day , you need to make sure that you take it as an opportunity to really strengthen you love for the other person and do something that is really constructive for the relationship. Instead of spending time and money on frivolous things, make it a day for cementing your love and strengthening your relationship with someone you love. Here are some tips to strengthen your love this Valentine’s Day.

25. 5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Husband
There was a time when Valentine’s Day gave you goose bumps! So now that you are married, has it lost its luster? Wake up, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so enjoy it with the man you love – your husband. You can spend the day by exchanging gifts, cooking and having a candlelight dinner and indulging in other activities. However, if you both are tired of the conventional ways of celebrating and wish to do something different this year, here are some tips.

26. 5 Unique Ideas for Spending Valentines Day
Valentine’s Day comes every year and every year we celebrate it with our loved ones. Although the love remains constant, the people and the way we celebrate it keeps changing. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone depending on your marital status. You can spend it with friends if you are single, you can celebrate it with your parents, or you can go about making the day special for your boyfriend or your husband. The trick to never getting bored with your love life is to try put different things and the same applies to Valentine’s Day as well. You do not have to go out in a big way, but can celebrate it in unique ways without having to spend a lot of money. Here are some unique ideas for spending Valentine’s Day.

27. 6 Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you would already be wondering and breaking your head about what to do for your boyfriend. It is a little difficult to come up with different things to do on Valentine’s Day that stands out from what the others do. Whatever you do should also be romantic and feel good and not inconvenience you or your boyfriend. You should also know if your boyfriend is someone who takes surprises well, if he isn’t then it makes sense that you bring him in your plan too as Valentine’s Day is all about love and it sucks to fight on that day. If you are stuck in your head and cannot think of what to so, here are some romantic things that you can do for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

28. 5 Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
It’s Valentine’s Day and special occasions need special places to celebrate them in. Now you surely don’t want to be spending this day with your beau at your regular eatery. Take this Valentine’s Day as a chance to make up for things or simply to bring a smile to your partner’s face, and do something fantastic that will blow his mind away. Here are 5 creative Valentine’s Day date ideas.

29. 6 Tips to Make this Valentine’s Day Unforgettable for Him
The season of love is back, the time when you show your love for your boyfriend! Do you wish to make this Valentine’s special for him? Have you thought of some ways to make him feel special? Do you wish to get some creative ideas? Then, check out some tips to make this Valentine’s day unforgettable for him.

30. 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day While Single
You don’t have to feel sorry for yourself and have a bad day just because you are single on Valentine’s Day. There are so many good things about being single that you will soon only have pity for the others in a relationship and not jealousy. Being single also does not mean that you have to stay indoors and spend the day with yourself. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and there is no better person to love you than you. This Valentine’s Day, make a promise to yourself that you will love yourself no matter what. Since you are single and are already used to doing things yourself, spending Valentine’s Day or celebrating it should not be too difficult. But if you are wondering how to go about the day without feeling too single, here are some ways to celebrate it.

31. 7 Homemade Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend
Valentine’s Day is round the corner! It’s the day of love when you express your feelings to that special someone in your life! The most important thing which makes Valentine’s Day special is the gift. Gifts help to express your true heart feelings for your lover. Listed below are some homemade valentine gift ideas for your boyfriend, read on.

32. 8 Awesome Tech Gifts for Him for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is all about showering love all day long! And gifts are an integral part of the celebration that enthralls lovers all over the world. Have you decided what to give your better half this time? How about a gadget? Guys love gadgets and you should already know that! So to clear your doubts as to what kind of gadget you should be gifting him, here are some awesome ideas which you could use in deciding what gift to give him this Valentine’s Day.

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