7 Tips on How to Propose Your Best Friend

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Taking the plunge to move from being just friends to something more can be really daunting, especially when you are best friends. You are constantly afraid that you might ruin the friendship that you two share. We give you some ways in which you may propose to your best friend.

1. Be sure about your own feelings

Before you think about taking the plunge, it is absolutely necessary for you to be completely sure of your feelings for him. Remember that the guy you are proposing to is not just another guy but also your best friend. Introspect hard to understand whether you are just infatuated to him or are your feelings truly genuine. It is important that you do not rush into a decision and take time to be clear about what you feel for him.

2. Try to move away from the ‘friend zone’

When you have been best friends for too long, the biggest challenge is to move away from the ‘friend zone’. As long as he sees you as just his friend, he is not going to think of you as his companion. You can start this transition by resorting to mild flirting and teasing. You could try dropping hints about how you feel for him.

3. Act according to his reaction

While you try to make him see you as someone more than a friend, it is extremely important to be observant of his reactions. If you at all feel that he is not comfortable with what you are doing or you feel that he does not have similar feelings for you, take a step back. You would need to be very careful so as to not hurt anybody’s feelings in the process.

4. Be open to a negative response

Once you have decided to take the plunge, know that there might be a chance of him saying no. It is better to be mentally prepared for a negative answer and hope that things go your way. This way, you are less likely to get too hurt at the end. Keep your cool and try to have rational expectations.

5. Do not let the answer affect your friendship

It is very important to propose in a way that does not affect your friendship, irrespective of what his answer is. You must understand that it can take forever for someone else to be as good a friend to you as he is. Try not to jeopardize your friendship in all this and give him the assurance that no matter what his answer is, you will still be his friend.

6. Choose a place that you both are comfortable with

When you make the proposal, it is important that you do it somewhere that is special to the two of you. It will go a long way if you both share happy and positive memories about the place. So, choose the venue with care.

7. Be patient

Sometimes it may not be very easy for the guy to make a decision. Know that it is OK to give these things some time so that you both can get used to the idea of being something more than friends. Let him have his space after you pop the question and give him the required time to go over the situation.

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