5 Ways to Look more Appealing With Eyeliner

Date:18-02-2014 08:40:20 read:1

When asked men “What is the first thing that catches your eyes when you see a woman?”,most of them had a unanimous answer – their eyes! So ladies , now you have the secret to a man’s heart. Jazz up your eyes with the humble eyeliner and you’ll automatically spice up your love life. Here are some ways to look more appealing with eyeliner.

1. Trace your lower and upper lash lines

This is an instant stunner. Apply jet black eyeliner to the inner rims of your upper and lower waterlines and get those sexy, prominent eyes. Ideally, you should use an eyeliner pencil that stays on for long and is waterproof.

2. Emphasize the cat eye look with a heavily lined lower lid

Use a thick black shadow pencil and line your eyes. This will look amazing when you do a cat eye, smoky effect with the lower lid lining dark and intense and a thick upper lash lining.

3. Fully line your eyes but with a space on the lower lash line

This super straight liner method is best when you want to show that your eyes are bigger than they actually are. Apply jet black eyeliner on the upper and lower rims, fully. Now give a twist of glamor to it by leaving a small gap just below the irises and savor the enviable effect!

4. Try the sharply lined eye crease and ‘V’ shaped outer lining

To get a super sexy look, first trace your eyelid crease with a charcoal black eyeliner. Follow this by smudging it a little bit towards the outer side for creating a smoky effect. Then, line the outer corner of your eyes only and spread the liner lightly with your fingertips. There you go, a simply awesome, diffused yet sharp, bad girl look.

5. Use a rust colored eye shadow combined with a jet black eyeliner

Dying to have that perfect fall look? Just brush some quality orange-red eye shadow over your upper eyelid. Then apply the darkest eyeliner you can lay your hands on and trace your top lash line.

6. Get crafty with your everyday liner

If you are the experimenting types, then this is the perfect trick for you. Take a liquid eyeliner and create a cat eye. Then follow the same line but stop right at the crease of your eye. This geometric looking, calligraphic design can be an absolute wow on the first date.

7. Spread your liner along your lower lid towards the outside

Don’t want to look all decked up and plastic? Try this cool technique to don an almost-invisible-makeup look. For creating this look first, apply black liner to your upper lash line. Then trace your lower lash line from the center of your eye right till the outside corner. Finally, smudge this line so that you can have those smoky eyes that will melt any man’s heart as soon as he sees you.

8. Recreate the kitten’s eye look

Line your upper lash line using a black eyeliner. Then, wing it out at the corners just a teeny bit. Complete the look by tracing your lower waterline with the same black pencil. So, get ready to bat those naughty yet innocent kitten eyes!

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