8 Ways to Remain Always Happy During Pregnancy

Date:18-02-2014 10:40:20 read:1

Something as delicate as bringing a new life into the world requires great support, strength and health. It’s scientifically proven that mothers-to-be need to have a calm, understanding and content environment around them. Being miles away from stress, fights, tensions and daily concerns will help her be happy and blissful throughout her pregnancy. Following are some ways to always stay happy during pregnancy.

1. Maintain a healthy and regular diet

A sound body is essential for a sound mind. Not eating well when pregnant can make you irritable, cranky, listless and even depressed. Maintain a nutrient-rich diet of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Eat small amounts of nuts, fruits, seeds, lean meat, grains, veggies, dairy products at regular intervals. This will keep you energized all through the day.

2. Practice meditation and yoga

Since decades, yoga and meditation are believed to calm the mind and relax the body. Yoga enables you to deal with all the emotional changes that take place during pregnancy. During the first trimester, try standing yoga postures to strengthen your leg muscles, improve circulation and reduce leg cramps. As you advance in months, do breathing exercises like ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing’, ‘Bee Breath’ and ‘ Victory Breath’. These help you stay in control during delivery.

3. Fulfill all your wishes

Pregnancy is a blessing in disguise. You can pamper yourself with everything you love. Satisfy all your cravings during the full nine months. Watch movies, chat with friends, take a break from your hectic schedule, get fancy body treatments, visit spas and splurge on the little things that make you happy.

4. Rest, rest, rest!

Super essential to-be-moms! Please be nice to yourself and take time out to put your legs up for some time at least through the day. Cut down on the daily chores. Sleep early if you start feeling even a little tired. Work in tandem with your body to help it nourish the tiny life growing inside of you.

5. Exercise regularly

Opt for only those exercise that are easy on your changing body. Walking around in the house itself is greatly beneficial. Swimming is another light exercise that helps tone up your muscles and is easy on the joints too. Make sure that any kind of physical activity is effortless. Do not exert yourself, it can actually harm your baby.

6. Listen to good music

Soothing music calms your stretched nerves. Hum along melodious tunes and listen to slow , romantic songs. Music therapy increases the chances of your baby having better cognition, spatial and depth perception. Also, grasping concepts and mathematical analysis is faster. So, tune in to a smooth deliver ladies!

7. Strictly follow your doctor’s instructions

Strictly follow your ob-gyn’s say. If he/she asks you to avoid some things, do that. Especially avoid such things as un-prescribed medication, drugs, spices, alcohol, oily, fried foods, smoking and smoke, strong chemical fumes, pesticides, paints and artificial colors. Try to stay calm at all times and ensure that you never lose your temper at any point.

8. Share your fears

It is natural to feel scared and apprehensive during pregnancy. But you don’t have to handle everything alone. Share your worries with your family, friends, other expecting mothers, your partner, your gynecologist or your midwife. Enroll yourself for antenatal or parenting classes. Seek out reassurance from the people you trust.

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