5 Reasons Why You Deserve Best of Love

Date:20-02-2014 15:40:04 read:2

If you think true love eludes you because it doesn’t really exist then you might be wrong. Know that you are worthy of every bit of that love and nothing less! We give you some reasons why you deserve the best of love.

1. Because life is too short

You see, life is too short to be wasted on mediocre love. It is meant to be experienced with someone who makes your knees weak and melts your heart. If you choose to spend your precious life with someone, it has to be with a person who is utterly and completely in love with you. Otherwise, you will just be moving from one moment to the other, without knowing how it feels to get the best of love.

2. Because you are beautiful

Someone as beautiful as you deserves the best of love. We are not really talking about physical beauty here. The fact that your heart is so beautiful makes you even more radiant. Now, why shouldn’t a lovely person like you be celebrated each day? You deserve to be with someone who sees how beautiful you are from the inside and cherishes spending every moment with you.

3. Because you give love unconditionally

Anyone who has the capacity to give love unconditionally deserves nothing less than the best of love! You, my friend, have spent all your life giving love and now it is high time that you open yourself up to receive love that changes everything in your life for the better. You deserve to find someone who loves you unconditionally!

4. Because you love yourself

Since you know how wonderful you are, you deserve to be with someone who is able to see the same in you. It is not easy to love yourself and most of us fail to do it. But a person who cherishes her own being will never settle for anyone who does not celebrate her as much as she celebrates herself. So, if you have learned the trick to fall in love with yourself, then you deserve the best of love.

5. Because you shouldn’t settle for anything less

Why should you settle for something that is not absolutely magical? We get one shot at life and isn’t that reason enough to live it to the fullest? Why settle for the ordinary? If you believe that you deserve the best of love, then that itself is reason enough for you to have it.

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