5 Health Benefits of Thyme

Date:20-02-2014 16:40:13 read:2

Thyme is a delicious and a fragrant herb that has various medicinal uses along with its use in the kitchen as a herb. It can be beneficial in curing various problems like stomach ache, diarrhea, arthritis, throat infections breathing problems and the likes. Here are 5 health benefits of thyme.

1. Maintains a healthy heart

Heart diseases occur many a times because of chronic inflammation. Thyme provides antioxidant protection along with the anti-inflammatory property that it possesses. This helps in preventing cardiovascular disease caused due to inflammation.

2. Fights against harmful bacteria

Thyme is proven to be helpful in fighting against harmful bacteria. The antibacterial property of thyme helps fighting fungi and bacteria. Thyme oil extracts show antibiotic resistant strains of different types of bacteria.

3. Helps to prevent acne

Due to the antibacterial property of thyme, it helps in preventing and curing acne problems. It is as effective and may be even better than the anti-acne creams available. It helps fight the bacteria that cause skin acne. They are gentle to the skin than other chemical products due to the anti-inflammatory property.

4. Maintains bone health

It is very important to maintain bone health and further strengthens bones. Thyme is a rich source of vitamin K, calcium, iron, manganese, and other vitamins and minerals which help to maintain strong bones, develop the strength of the bones and also help in preventing bone diseases.

5. Helps to fight fatigue

Our body has a daily requirement of iron and we should have enough supply. Lack of iron causes deficiency which leads to fatigue, infections and anemia. Thyme is a rich source of iron and iron helps in energy production. Thyme helps to contribute to the daily intake of iron in the body.

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