5 Ways to Respond to Your Child’s Sex Related Questions

Date:21-02-2014 11:20:03 read:1

To begin with, there is no easy way. There can be times when you wish you were everywhere else than with your kid when your kid keeps asking pretty embarrassing questions. The questions can range from private parts, to the act of sex and the birth. Kids, being kids can also base their questions on what they have observed in adults that they have come across or met. Although difficult and sometimes embarrassing, there is not getting out of answering the questions. You need to tell them the truth and it helps that you lead them the right way with the answers. It is always better that they know what is what and make informed decisions. Here are some ways to respond to your child’s sex related questions.

1. Know how much information you can divulge

Depending on the age of your kid, be the better judge as to how much information you can divulge. If the kid is really small, he or she may be satisfied with easy or silly answers. But if you feel that your kid is old enough to understand a little more and can handle the truth, you should tell him or her more in detail.

2. Be honest

Never lie or make up strange stories about the sexual act or any other questions your kid asks you. When your kid knows the answer is not something he or she was expecting or the answer is too embarrassing, they’d stop asking or listening themselves. Don’t fret it.

3. Do not panic and wonder why the questions.

Kids are naturally curious. They will want to know how things work and why things are the way they are. Do not panic when they ask you certain questions but come up with the best way to answer them. If the questions are too specific, maybe then you will have to be concerned as they could be experimenting something or there could be abuse going on elsewhere.

4. Take them seriously

When your kid asks questions about sex and other things related to it, learn to take them seriously. Depending on the age of the kid, what you tell them can make a huge difference in the choices they make. Sex is not a big taboo and you will have to be able to let your kid know that. You also have to let them know about the importance of safe sex while letting them know that it should not be taken lightly. If the kid is too small, you just give them the basics. That is sure to put them off the topic for a few years.

5. Do not avoid the questions and put them down

Do not avoid the questions when your kid asks them. Also learn not to judge them. You can never be too young or too old to have doubts. If your parents had not taught you anything and if you do not know how to react because of that, take advise from someone who knows.

Kids can always get information from anywhere else. If they ask you, it means they have implicit trust in you. Handle the situation well and the two of you will come out happy that you had done a good job.

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