6 Very Important Facts to Know About Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss

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Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery for extremely obese people. It involves different procedures ranging from inserting a gastric band to prevent over intake of food and also bypassing the stomach by rerouting the intestines to not the stomach but a smaller pouch. There are many advantages to the bariatric surgery. It helps weight loss in the long term and also reduces complications created by diabetes and blood pressure. But what you should know about this surgery is that it is not for everyone and sometimes because of your body and the way surgery has been done, there may be severe complications rarely resulting in death. Also surgery should be an option only if your weight becomes life threatening. Here are some facts you should know about bariatric surgery if you are planning to lose weight or if you know someone who is considering the surgery for weight loss.

1. Consultation with the doctor is very important

You should have regular and frequent consultations with your doctor before you go in for a surgery. Due to the complicated nature of the surgery it is important that you tell your doctor everything about your body and your medical condition. Hiding vital facts can only prove to be dangerous for you. Consultations also point you in the right direction about the preparations you have to do before getting into surgery.

2. Be prepared for a lifetime of medical care

Bariatric surgery is not a onetime process where you can stay away from the hospital or the doctor forever. The surgery involves a lot of after care and you have to prepare yourself to meet your doctor for regular checkups and continued treatment to see if everything is normal and working the way they are supposed to.

3. Bariatric surgery is less invasive these days

Most bariatric surgery is done through the laparoscopic methods these days that they have become less invasive. Although this is good news, you should not opt for it if you can try other means of weight loss successfully.

4. It involves months of preparations

You cannot decide to get operated on today and get admitted tomorrow. If you are serious about the surgery, you will have to undergo months of preparation and prepare yourself both physically and psychologically. This surgery is as much psychological as it is physical. You need to be strong both mentally and physically to cope up with the surgery and weight loss.

5. You should not binge before the surgery

Do not binge on food before you go in for surgery. There are certain rules and procedures that you must follow before you can prepare for the surgery and binging will only create problems during the surgery.

6. The weight loss is gradual and only works if you follow every advice

The weight loss after the surgery is not immediate and is gradual. It is also vital that you follow all the advice given by your doctor. Also be prepared to make changes to your diet for a lifetime. Reversing the surgery is not easy, so you have to make up your mind really well before you get yourself operated.

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