4 Reasons You should Eat Antibiotic-Free Chicken

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A lot of animals, poultry and beef especially are raised with antibiotic ingested food. The growers do this so the animals will grow faster and also remain healthy in crowded and unsanitary conditions. It is difficult however to buy anti-biotic free chicken in the market as they are expensive and not many super markets stock them. You will have to do a bit of research to find places that sell antibiotic free chicken. Not only are too many antibiotics bad for the chicken, but because you eat it, it is bad for you as well as you eat most of the antibiotics that go into the chicken. Here are some reasons as to why you should eat antibiotic free chicken.

1. Too much antibiotics in the body reduces your natural resistance and also causes super bacteria to develop

Too much antibiotics in your body decreases the natural resistance of your body and reduces the amount of natural antibodies produced by the body to combat sickness. The bacteria’s too develop a resistance against antibiotics and new strains are created everyday because of this. It increases the cost to develop new medicines. It is not only you who gets affected by this but the economy as a whole.

2. They are not healthy

You should concern yourself with providing healthy food for your family and not food that can cause them trouble. If you cannot get hold of antibiotic free chicken look for other sources of protein. They are a lot of vegetables and meat that can serve as a good source of protein other than chicken.

3. You can make a difference in the fight against poultry being fed on antibiotic rich food

When you stop buying antibiotic free chicken and also encourage others to do the same, it will make a huge difference in the buying pattern and when the demand for these chicken go down, manufacturers will be forced to not use antibiotics to feed the chicken. This is another important reason as to why you should choose to eat antibiotic free chicken.

4. The antibiotic resistant bacteria from the chicken is transferred to your body

Sometimes the antibiotics themselves may be washed away during the cleaning and the cooking process, but the problem develops when the bacteria does not die during the cooking process. These bacteria then travel through your system making you sick and unresponsive to treatment.

Chicken can be one of the easiest foods to prepare and it is also comparatively cheaper to grow and to buy. Since the demand is also high most of the time, manufacturers use a lot of ways to make grow chicken faster. When you buy antibiotic fed chicken it is like you eat as much as antibiotics as the chicken and too much of antibiotics can never be good for your body’s natural immune system. Buy wisely and join the movement that is fighting to bring an end to this practice. You will be helping not only yourself and the family but a lot of other people as well.

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