Delia faces Twitter critics over sugar comments

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Delia faces Twitter critics over sugar comments

Delia Smith has suggested the price of chocolate should be increased to discourage people from eating so much sugar, but has faced criticism because of the content of some of her own recipes

Delia Smith said the government needed to “educate people” about the dangers of consuming too much sugar Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Cookery queen Delia Smith faced a backlash after she branded sugar “just as addictive as cigarettes” and called for chocolate bars to be made more expensive to discourage people from eating so much.

The chef also said that the more sugar people ate, the more they needed and called for more education about healthy eating.

However critics pointed out that the chef has made a living from teaching people to make sweet home-cooked treats packed with sugar, and claimed her proposals to make chocolate more expensive was an attack on the poor.

Gerri Peev wrote on Twitter: “Delia Smith on Channel 4 News warning about excess sugar. Her recipe for truffle torte contains 5 tablespoons of liquid glucose.”

Delia Smith said the government needed to “educate people” about the dangers of consuming too much sugar.

She said: “They (the government) have not realised that it’s just as addictive as smoking or alcohol.

“If you eat too much sugar then you need it more. You’re craving for it.

“What I think is the problem is not the food producers but all the chocolate bars and all the confectionery.

“I go into the garage and there’s walkways full of it. I think maybe you could make chocolate bars more expensive.

“Everyone wants to enjoy something sweet and lovely and I applaud sugar as a wonderful ingredient.

“But I would say the government needs to educate people how to cook more at home and have really nutritious meals.”

The chef was responding to news that 41 organisations have pulled out of the government’s Responsibility Deal, a drive to reduce sugar, salt and alcohol in the UK diet.

Frustrated at the lack of change, organisations like Cancer Research UK and the Faculty of Public Health have withdrawn their support.

Action on Sugar Science Director Dr Aseem Malhotra has said the idea of letting the food industry play a part in health policy is like “putting vampires in charge of the blood bank”.

For example, Delia’s recipe for baked sugar-glazed whole gammon calls for two “heaped tablespoons” of Demerara sugar to be sprinkled over the cooked meat.

And her melting chocolate puddings recipe includes 110g of golden caster sugar and 200g of dark chocolate.

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