10 Great Ways to Remain Positive at All Times

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You may already have heard hundreds of times that you must have a positive outlook towards life, and that is all you need in order to have a happy and successful life. But easier said than done, staying positive at all times can really get intimidating, especially when things go awry in our lives. And still, the universal truth remains the same – you must stay positive if you want to be happy and avoid circumstances in your life that overwhelm you with misery and sadness. The reason for this is that every experience in our lives held good or bad is based ultimately on how we feel about them or perceive them. If we feel good, happy and excited, we are on track. Otherwise, we are doing something wrong. The same experience can be perceived as a life lesson as well as something that went terribly wrong and must be lamented upon. So when you stay positive, you consciously pull all positive things towards yourself, and vice versa. Listed below are 10 great ways to remain positive at all times.

1. Smile

It costs nothing. It takes no effort. And yet, it seems so hard to find in today’s times. But smiling is one great medicine to cure many illnesses. When you smile, you work some muscles on your face which send a feel good signal to your brain thereby making you feel pleasant, even if it is for some time. By smiling, you also stay positive and send out the vibrations of well being and goodness out into the world.

2. Replace negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are bound to come to your mind. We are a thinking beings and are bound to think several thoughts throughout the day. But you can choose what to think about and what to avoid. Initially, it might take some effort and self-control but it is achievable. If you have a negative thought, replace it immediately with a positive thought. Instead of getting rid of a negative thought, which cannot be done because our minds work in strange ways and we focus more on things on which we are not supposed to, think a positive thought which will make you feel better instantly. This will help you to stay positive most of the time.

3. Avoid negative company

There are people in our vicinity who are negative influences and make us feel down when we interact with them. They may be your relatives, friends or colleagues. You should avoid their company as much as you can. You may not be able to do this in case the negative influence is a family member or someone you live with under the same roof, but then there are also so many other ways to stay positive.

4. Be optimistic

Pessimism will get you nowhere. Staying optimistic will guarantee you positive experiences in your life. Since you will be hopeful about the things to come, you will attract more positive outcomes than negative ones, which will keep you motivated as well as help you remain positive.

5. Spend time with yourself

You should spend some alone time with yourself for some hours every day. You should do this because you must get comfortable and happy with yourself before seeking happiness from outside. Pursue your hobbies, do the things you love to do, and love yourself. This will help you remain positive in life because you will then have yourself to look forward to.

6. Focus on inner peace

Finding your inner peace will make you more tolerant towards the chaotic world around. When you focus on your inner self through deep breathing exercises and meditation, you make your inner self strong and thus become more immune to negative things that come from outside. Inner peace will help you focus on yourself and your own goals in life instead of getting upset about things which are inconsequential.

7. Set goals for yourself

Set short term and long term goals for yourself. Most people feel depressed and upset at the slightest provocation because they do not know what is important in life. They are unsure of what to expect from the world and its people. If you have your life goals set, you know what is important for you and it automatically eliminates unnecessary causes of tension and stress that pull you down so easily. Setting life goals will definitely help you stay focused and positive.

8. Use the law of attraction

Use the law of attraction to your advantage. According to the law, whatever predominant thoughts we hold in our minds is what we attract in our lives. It states that “like attracts like,” that is, if you have happy and positive thoughts, you will attract people, situations and circumstances into your life that will make you happy, and vice versa. Therefore, when you consciously use the law of attraction, you make good things happen in your life and thus stay positive at all times as well.

9. Follow your bliss

In order to stay positive at all times, you should do the things that make you happy. If there is anything in your life that you do not like or enjoy, get rid of it. Replace it with something fun, or do it in a way that makes you enjoy it. Find creative solutions to problems, and do things in ways that make you smile. Follow your bliss, and happiness will be yours.

10. Love your life

And finally, love the life you have. If you believe in God, remember that He is not partial towards anybody. If you have a certain kind of life, you have it for a reason and you must do what you wish to in order to give it more meaning and make it worthwhile. Love your life and life will love you back.

A positive outlook towards life will make you more jubilant and pleasant, and people will wonder how you do whatever you do. You will become someone to look up to and idolize.

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