8 Signs He is Madly in Love With You

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Being in love is a wonderful thing. But being madly in love is ecstatic. And if it is with the right person, nothing else in the world seems to matter anymore. If you have been into the dating scene for quite some time now, you probably have started wondering where it all ends or when you would finally meet the man of your life. Who knows, you may have already met him! Look out for certain signs in prospective partners and you could probably tell if someone is crazy about you. This could make things easier for you in choosing the perfect life partner. Listed here are 8 signs that will tell he is madly in love with you.

1. He is very quick to reply to your text messages

He does not seem to take any time when it comes to replying to your messages. He appears to be always at your service and in fact waiting for you to text him so he can reply in record time. In fact, he considers you so important in his life he does not want to keep you waiting for anything. It is a sure sign he is in love with you.

2. He sees things your way

He has begun to see things your way. After the initial days of hanging out together, he has come to know a lot about you, your likes and dislikes, the way you see things and so on. And since he loves you so much, he has come to see the world through your eyes. If the guy you are dating has done this, he is crazy for you.

3. He loves you the way you are

He is madly in love with you if he loves you for what you are and does not even try the slightest to change anything about you. In fact, if you ever meet him without wearing makeup or plainly dressed, he will love you as much as he would if you were dressed like a princess. He loves the person that you are and your inner beauty. That is a sure sign to look out for.

4. He is proud to be your date

He is proud to have you as a partner. He is so proud that he boasts about you and shows you off proudly. Also, your presence in his life makes him feel lucky and special. If such is the case, he is madly in love with you.

5. He pampers you

He loves you so much that he spoils you with everything that he can do for you and pampers you every now and then. If he is so crazy about you, he will not let you experience the slightest discomfiture in his presence at least.

6. He encourages and motivates you

He is aware of your dreams and aspirations and values them as much as you do, because he is so much in love with you. He considers your dreams as his own and thus encourages and motivates you to pursue them. He never lets you down or demotivates you. He would, in fact, go out of his way to help you achieve something.

7. He tries his best to make you smile

He will try as much as he can to make you smile. He will try his best to do all things possible so you may smile. He will try his sense of humor, he will act silly and do crazy things just for it. If such is the case, he is crazily in love with you.

8. He listens to you

And most important of all, he will really listen to you when you say something and will not just pretend to. If he really loves you, he will take everything you say seriously and will do his best to get you out of your misery or problem. If he listens to you and acts out of whatever you have said, he is crazy for you.

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