5 Great Ideas to Correct the Lip Shape with Lipstick

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Not all of us can boast of bee stung lips like Angelina Jolie or a sexy pout like Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham. We love to have it though. Fuller lips are a great attraction to anyone and with the right makeup and colors that suit your face ad skin tone, anyone can get it. Even women with the not so perfect lips; lips that are too thin or that are asymmetrical can get just that right look with the right technique. Just make sure that the choice of color is right as in the end it is the colors that make all the difference. Here are some great ideas to correct the lip shape with lipstick.

1. Use a lip liner and divide your lips into sections

Never apply the lipstick directly on your lips if you feel your lips aren’t symmetrical or if you feel that you need to make them look perfect. Use a lip liner and divide your lips into different sections and draw thin lines outlining your lips. Connect all the sections and go with it till you feel you have got the shape that you wanted.

2. For thin lips draw the line slightly above your lip line

If you have thin lips, draw lines slightly above the lip line and make it thicker. Draw from inside out and draw thick lines around the center. Apply lipstick after you have done this. Do remember that dark colors make our lips appear fuller

3. For fuller lips when you want to play it down

Blur the edges of your lips with foundation or concealer and start applying the lip liner inside of the edges. You can apply matte lipstick later on to make them look smaller.

4. If you have thin upper lip or a thin lower lip

You would want to try a darker shade for the thinner portions of your lips and a strong shade for the fuller portions, thereby creating an optical illusion. This requires quite a bit of work and patience to get it right, but once you get the hang of it, it should go easy and you will have great lips to show.

5. If you have a cleft lip

Do not try to hide it or camouflage it. Use the imperfection to your advantage by making your cleft lip sexy. Use a darker lip liner from that of your lipstick. Add a little bit of shine to make the lips look shiny and supple.

Try out different shades and spend a little time everyday trying out new shades till you find your prefect lip color. Although you might change your lipstick colors based on your clothes, you will always want to stick to your favorite color that flatters you all the time. An extra few minutes spent in front of the mirror and soon you will be a pro in making your lips great looking.

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