6 Tips to Save Money While Traveling Abroad

Date:10-04-2014 11:40:03 read:3

Constantly having to think about your expenditures while traveling abroad squeezes out all the fun from the trips and vacations. It’s hard to fit in all the fun and excitement into a tight, constrained budget. So, here are 6 tips to save money while traveling abroad.

1. Go for public transport

When moving about in a new place, what seems like a smart thing to do is book a car rental service or a guided tour for the entire day to take you around the city. However, if you want to save some of your dough, then go for public transport wherever possible or even better, walk the short distances. This not only cuts down on your traveling cost but also gives you a great opportunity to take in the history, culture and lifestyle of that particular place.

2. Shop smartly

Don’t make malls your idea of sightseeing when you go to a new place. Most of us tend to just get inside a mall in the hope of finding something “different”. Big or small, malls are the same everywhere. You can always shop for your favorite brands once you’re back home. Instead go for a local farmer’s market or the flea markets. That’s where all the interesting, cheaper and unique stuff is.

3. Don’t pay for the “snob value”

Cut down on the air-conditioning wherever possible. Check out the weather conditions of the place you’re planning to travel to before booking you hotel rooms. If the climate allows you to do without AC, then booking non-AC rooms, taxis or buses is simply a no-brainer.

4. Save money on toiletries

If you’re a frequent traveler, then buying fresh toiletries for each of your trips can be a hassle. Moreover, pocket-sized travel toiletries are just over-priced. The best thing to do is refill whatever small plastic containers you get hold of with the regular toiletries you use at home. This way you will save some cash and also cut down on your luggage weight.

5. Eat out as much as possible

Tourist destinations are always dotted with cafes and local diners that offer food that’s much cheaper compared to the hotel food. The food in hotels are over-priced and come with a long list of taxes attached to them. Try eating out whenever possible. If breakfast isn’t complimentary, then you might as well skip that and eat some place else.

6. Avoid in-flight food

The food served in flights is mind-bogglingly exorbitant. Even a simple meal had inside the airport or in flight burns holes in one’s pockets. A smart thing to do is pack some dry food from home and have it while you’re waiting for your flight.

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