6 Signs He’s the One

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So you meet this really awesome guy whom you are absolutely in love with, and the next thing you know is that a few years have passed by and you are still dating each other in full swing, with some magical kind of stability in your relationship. Then comes the point where your brain starts to bombard you with all kinds of questions – is he the one? Is he indeed the guy you’re going to spend the rest of your life with? Or is there something more that you need to know about him before you are actually convinced?

Not that there is some kind of a rule book or a set of guidelines existent to tell you that a guy is perfect for you, but there are some signs or factors common to all kinds of relationships that help you to know that he is indeed the one meant for you. Listed here are some tell-tale signs that he’s the one.

1. You’ve agreed to disagree

Good relationships are those where both the people involved have accepted each other the way they are, and have amicably agreed to disagree on a few things. So each time there is a conflict, you don’t keep feeling bitter by holding on to the grudges. Instead, you sort it out in a calm manner and move forward with the relationship.

2. You both have common future plans

More than common future plans, your individual plans include your partner in them. In other words, you both have the same kind of priorities in life. You both wish to attain the same goals together, and are supportive of each other’s individual plans and wishes as well.

3. Your families share your joy

When your family has begun to get comfortable with him, and his parents seem to like you, then that mostly turns out to be the icing on the cake. You know that they will be a part of your joys and sorrows, and won’t be nagging or cribbing about your choice once you decide to get married to this guy.

4. You feel secure and stable

In each relationship, there comes a point when you feel that all your insecurities have vanished. That point is difficult to attain, and sometimes takes months or years to reach at. But once you are there, it is a clear signal that you are ready to spend your lives with each other. If this guy really makes you feel safe and secure, then it is time you understand that he is indeed the perfect one for you.

5. You can be yourself around him

It is highly important for any person to be himself or herself in a relationship. It’s easy to make a few adjustments and change yourself in the beginning to suit the other person’s taste. But sooner or later, your natural self will cry to come out in full form. And when that happens, you will experience differences in tastes and opinions, causing problems of a different level altogether. So if this is a guy with whom you can be yourself and if he has no problems accepting you that way, then you can safely think that he is the one meant for you.

6. You’re both mentally ready

This is really important. It is crucial that both of you feel ‘ready’ to take the next step. If both of you think that it’s time to get married or engaged, without any kind of pressure bothering you mentally or socially, then waste no time and go ahead. Once you know he sees his future in you or with you, there is no other kind of assurance you need to know that he loves you dearly and is indeed the one for you.

It’s often very easy to point out the flaws in a person and quote the reasons because of which you can’t live with a person or why you feel he is not the one for you. But if you look at things with a broader perspective and choose to be optimistic, you will realize that there is perfection even in imperfection. And maybe that guy you were unsure of all this while, is indeed your perfect Prince Charming. So go ahead and identify your right guy, before it gets too late!

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