Rose Prince's perfect Easter Sunday lunch recipes

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Rose Prince's perfect Easter Sunday lunch recipes

From delicate scotch eggs to a perfectly roasted leg of lamb, and beyond, here is Rose Prince’s blueprint for a crowd-pleasing Easter feast

Luscious lamb: Rose Prince's Easter roast Photo: Laura Hynd

My recent discovery of a chocolate egg in a shrub, the shine on its foil wrapper corroded by months of rain, reminded me of how excited I used to be before an Easter egg hunt. After a lunch of (always) roasted lamb, we would be banished to a room from which we could not see the garden so the Easter bunny could do its work.

Given the shout to start the hunt we would race towards the densest bushes and most likely hiding places. There would be some eggs right under your nose that eluded you. My mother used to put them among the bricks of an old wall and it always amazed me how their colourful wrappings could be so hard to spot.

Then there was the terrible year when no chocolate eggs were found – or indeed hidden – because the dogs raided the cupboard on Easter Saturday. But it takes a lot to ruin this particular feast: it is Christmas without the consumerism, a gathering with food that is delightfully symbolic in so many ways, and a great excuse to enjoy a landslide of chocolate.


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