Stevie Parle's Easter recipes

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Stevie Parle's Easter recipes

All a succulent, spicy roast lamb needs to set it off are tender seasonal veg, herb salads and – to finish – a nutty ice cream

Green cuisine: spring vegetables, perfect for Easter lunch Photo: Andrew Crowley

I’ve always felt that the Chinese and Persians got it right when they decided not to have new year during the depths of winter – what feels more like a fresh start than the beginning of spring? This is when blossom blooms, the birds sing at full blast and amazing produce suddenly becomes available. This Easter menu celebrates the arrival of all my favourite vegetables, all of which go beautifully with lamb (try find Rose Prince’s lamb recipe).

My spring vegetable with spiced yogurt is the perfect way to get your five-a-day (or is it seven now?). Feel free to throw in whatever you have – courgettes, peas, squash and celery would all be wonderful. I also find that children are drawn to this kind of dish as it’s best eaten with fingers and is pretty messy. You can leave out the chilli bit unless the little ones have already developed hardy taste buds.

The herb salad is based on a dish I had in Lebanon made with za’atar (a spice blend containing dried herbs and sesame seeds). This works on its own, as a perky salad, but also as a seasoning for roast lamb – in fact, both these dishes would be ideal accompaniments to an Easter shoulder of lamb.

Tahini ice cream might seem odd if you’re more used to stirring it into your hummus, but if you tried my peanut butter ice cream recipe, published in this column a few months ago, you’ll know that a rich, nutty element in ice cream is sensational. This is a really straightforward recipe, and it is even almost good for you – it uses honey instead of sugar, the tahini is laden with protein and pistachios are packed with antioxidants. Convinced?


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