7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends

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Valentines day is a day celebrated in the honor of a saint named Valentine. It is the day when love battled with hate and emerged victorious. So it is a day, to celebrate that love. It is the day to express your love for your friends. Use this as an opportunity to make your friends feel special. Here are given a list of unique Valentines day gifts for friends.

1. Photo Frame

The two of you have seen ups and downs together. You both love each other immensely. It is high time that you make a photo frame, a part of your life. Photos speak out, what even words cannot. Get a picture of the two of you and get it framed into an attractive photo frame. Make it special, by getting a tiny friendship note printed at the end of the picture. Choose an unbreakable photo frame so that it lasts for long, just like the memories of the two of you will.

2. Bouquet of Flowers

This Valentines day, express your friendly love with flowers. Be it men or women, everybody loves receiving flowers. Moreover, flowers are for any occasion. Since it is for Valentines day, pick flowers in vibrant colors for the bouquet. You can pick from red and white roses, orchids, carnations, daffodils, tulips, lilies etc. These flowers are romantic, as they both look attractive as well as smell really sweet. Make the bouquet yourself. Use ornamental leaves, ribbons, gift paper, pieces of netted cloth, craft paper, decorative tapes etc to decorate the bouquet. Don’t forget to leave a friendship note along with the bouquet.

3. Pet Dog

What could be more special than this? This gift is sure to bring tears to the eyes of your friend. This Valentines day, get your friend a pet dog. You can also attach a small dog tag to its collar with your personalized friendship note to your buddy. A gesture of this sort is sure to strengthen the bond between the two of you further. The dog will be someone who your friend will always consider the best gift he or she has ever got.

4. A Self Written Poem

This Valentines day, skip the flowers and dinners. If you really want to try something different and even have the time for it, this is a perfect idea. Write your friends a self-written poem. Let the poem speak about how your life was without them, and how it has changed now with them into your life. Let it speak out about what they mean to you. It does not even matter if you are an amazing poet or you are really bad with words. It should be written straight from the heart. It is sure to make their hearts melt.

5. A Star

Yes, you read that right. Today with science reaching its pinnacle of advancement, the International Star Registry offers the opportunity to name a star in the sky after a loved one. Along with this, they will send you a booklet containing a chart of the constellations. It will also contain a more detailed chart, that encircles the star you have named in red. As a part of the package, you also get a gorgeous parchment certificate, telescopic coordinates of the star and a date of dedication. What could possibly be a more unique gift?

6. A Homemade Dinner

Instead of arranging the usual and very expected candle light dinner at a restaurant, why not try something different. Arrange for a wonderful dinner, right in your very house. You can set the atmosphere just the way you want it to. Decorate the place, set the table cloth, arrange for scented candles and even prepare the food all by yourself. It will indeed be a very unforgettable Valentines day for your friends.

7. Box of Homemade Chocolates

Who does not love chocolates? Be it the young or the old, chocolates have always been an all time favorite. This Valentines day get your friends, a box of homemade chocolates each. Make them yourself. If you are not a good cook, you can search online for recipes or even take help from someone. Any one can go to the shop and purchase a box of chocolates for their loved one. But, not everyone takes the trouble to actually make it themselves. Your friends will not forget this.

These are a few Valentines day gift ideas for friends. Your gift need not be really expensive, but what is important is that it is given straight from the heart. Your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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