5 Interesting Things to Know about Good Friday

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Good Friday is one of the holiest days for Christians for it is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified and taken away from them. It is also a solemn day as Christians the world over pray for forgiveness and repents for their sins as Jesus gave his life in earth for them. Good Friday and Easter also signal the end of Lent, the forty days of fasting. Good Friday is celebrated by Christians the world over and the way they observe the day and celebrate it differs based on the country, their denominations and their spiritual practices. Here are some more interesting things to know about Good Friday.

1. No one really knows why it is called Good Friday

Technically speaking there can be nothing good about Jesus being crucified and taken away from the earth, but many think that it was originally called God’s Friday and that God was too spiritual and heavy a word to be used by many a lot of times and hence it became good Friday.

2. The date and time of the crucification is still debated

No one really denies that Jesus was crucified and there is ample evidence that crucification was followed by the romans, but there is still debate about the actual time and date when Jesus was crucified. Researchers and geologists use biblical references and compare them with natural occurrences to really come up with the exact time and date.

3. There are parts of the world were people reenact the crucification

It is considered illegal in many countries and is condemned by the church but that does not stop many people from enacting the crucification. They willingly get themselves crucified so they can feel the pain of Jesus Christ and for many it is a kind of cleanse and a fresh start.

4. The good Friday services start early in the day even before the congregation gathers in the church

And usually the sermons for Good Friday are longer than usual too. It is a very solemn affair where the congregation reflects on their lives and the sacrifice made for them by their god. The priests are in much earlier to prepare for the day.

5. Jesus was nailed to the cross on his wrists and not his hands as is popularly believed

Although the pictures depict that Jesus was nailed to the cross on his hands, scientific studies prove that it is impossible for the hands to support the weight of the human body and in fact he was actually nailed to the cross on his wrists.

Although Christians world over do not know the actual historical facts or the f=dates and methods of crucification, the observe the day based solely on faith and look forward to Easter when he was resurrected.

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